Memorial Day: A Salute!

We Salute Our Veterans This Memorial Day

We salute every soldier whoo’s
served this great nation.
And offer a heart of thanks
and appreciation!

We salute each memeber
of our armed forces.
And are thankful for their
efforts and resources!

We salute the many who
protect our boarders too.
We’d be in trouble…
If not for people like YOU!

We salute every son and
daughter lost in a war.
YOU are what serving this
country is meant for!

We salute the officers who’ve
guided our women and men.
Our prayers are with you!
And our love from within!

We salute our veterans!
Wherever they may be!Those who served on
land, air and sea!

Offering prayer to the
Lord is our belief…
That he will guide our

As we observe Memorial Day this year…
Let’s offer our soldiers
love, hope and cheer!

May God bless them in
all they endeavor
And his peace be with them
today and forever!!

By Jim Pemberton


Gone but NEVER forgotten

God Bless!

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Meditation Monday – God is Always There (A Poem)

I wanted to share this poem with you today. Some of us may be going through something and need that extra umpfh of encouragement. I hope that this poem will help you focus on God instead of the situation. If you would like to see more free poems to share as cards or per email, peruse through the Heavens Inspirations website for more inspiration.

God is Always There

 We often feel as though
God is far away
And we often feel that He
Is distant when we pray

 So often we feel lonely,
Not knowing where to turn
Just a touch from God above,
Our longing spirit yearns

 So many times in our lives,
God seems slow to act
We cry out in desperation,
But it’s faith we often lack

 For God is not being slow
In coming to our aid
He comes through in His time,
We just need to learn to wait

 The Lord is never distant,
He is there by our side
And continues to walk with us
Through the storms in our lives

 He always hears our hearts cry
And answers all our prayers,
He won’t leave us all alone,
For God is always there.

© 1995 By M.S.Lowndes


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