Time For Another WiP!

There are two things that I want to share with you today. One is my wip (of course) and the other is about helping out for charity.

I needed to make myself a scarf something that is warm, comfy and long. There was a stitch pattern that I have used, I think it is called the seed stitch or a variation of it. It just consists of SC and CH stitches. I’m using RH With Love and it is sooooooo soft against my skin and lovely to work with. This is what I have so far. I’m working on the second section.

Blue Gradient

Blue Gradient

This scarf is going to be really long. Each color block will be 100 rows long. I can’t wait until it is done. I should finish it tomorrow. I may make a hat to match it as well.

For the charity that I was talking about. There is a local nurse that had asked Charlotte Yarn to help her with donations for the hospital that she works at. Normally, she would make hats and booties for the newborns for Christmas but she is undergoing shoulder surgery next week and will not be able to contribute this year. If you are not contributing to a charity or you would like to help out this year but don’t know where to start, this will be a perfect idea. She needs newborn-sized hats and booty sets (crochet or knit) that are machine washable to be donated for the hospital. Any pattern is great. They need to be in by November 25th. You can mail your donations to:

Charlotte Yarn
c/o Betty Pedone
1235 East Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28203

If you would like, you can also attach a label as well so the parents know who to thank for the wonderful gift. If you are in the area, you can drop the items off at the shop and they will notify her. You may email her as well at bpedone1@hotmail.com and let her know that you have dropped/mailed items to the shop. If you would like to mail the items to Betty directly, contact me at TiasSpaceWordPress@gmx.com and I will give you her mailing address.

Whelp, that is all for now. I am going to finish working on my scarf while I think about doing the dishes. Heh heh!

God Bless!

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