Almost There!

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that I have a custom order for the Lil Granny Bunny. It’s a HUGE order of 7 and I had started working on it last week Thursday. So far, here is where I left of very early this morning.

The pile is growing!

The pile is growing!

I have two more bodies to make and then I can start on the limbs, ears and bibles. Then starts the exhaustive FUN task of attaching the parts together. I did get some tapestry needles last week so it should make it even easier this time around instead of using the straight blunt needle. I should be done with all the parts and start the sewing by the end of this week. Then it is on to the embroidery and the embellishments.

Back to the grind I go. I woke up extremely late this morning and haven’t even started crocheting as yet. Plus I had to change my sheets which is a real chore since the other half is filled with books, notions, yarn and fiberfil. That is a real workout! Heh heh!

Talk to you tomorrow!

God Bless!


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Amongst Other Things…

Well, well, well. Today is Wednesday and one of my favorite days too! I get to show you what I have been making as well as what is going to be in store. So to recap, I have been working on this teddy bear and things have been going great until Monday night. When I first started the project, I knew that there might not be enough yarn to finish…but a girl can hope, right? Just as I expected, the yarn was getting scarce as I started on the foot.



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WiP Wednesday and FOs

Last week was a great accomplishment for me. I wanted to start working on my never ending bucket list, you know the one….the one that keeps growing on Ravelry, in several folders on your computer or tablet, or in a file cabinet somewhere….and I decided on a pattern that I had saved in OneNote. It’s called Lil Granny Bunny by Little Yarn Friends. She is absolutely adorable! I posted it on my personal Facebook page and got a few likes which led to a commission! Seven of them!! YAY! Here she is in all her glory! I still have to make the glasses for it (I didn’t have any wire on hand to make it) but I will make some soon. She was done in Red Heart SS and With Love and an F hook.

Ta Daaaaaa!Here she is with her Bible!

"Gotta study the Word of the Lord"

“Gotta study the Word of the Lord”

Yeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! My embroidery is not that great BUT I have a great idea for the commissions that I am making that will help it stand out better and add a nice touch.

"Love my ears?"

“Love my ears?”

"Don't mind me! Just a bit tired."

“Don’t mind me! Just a bit tired.”

"Can't forget my Bible!"

“Can’t forget my Bible!”

For my WiP, I chose another pattern from Little Yarn Friends called Lil Classic Teddy. This one I am making in Caron Simply Soft in Bone and Pagdoa. I wanted to see how it would look and so far, I like what I see. There is a nice sheen to it but based on the way that my daughter treats her cushion that I made her last year May and the way that it looks now, I recommend it for older children. I will make another one in cotton and see how that turns out. It should be more durable. I started it the same night that I finished the bunny. The only night that I didn’t work on it was last night. I was getting some things together for my commission and taking inventory. Here is what I have so far.

"Peek-a-boooooo! I see you!"

“Peek-a-boooooo! I see you!”

I can’t wait until it is finished! I am going to set up a spot for all my stuffed toys so they can keep each other company. 😛 Heh heh. Whelp, it is time for me to make lunch for the kiddos. See you tomorrow!

God Bless!


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Crochet vs. Knitting

Crochet-vs                                                             – Source    – Source

(Please excuse the crappy photo, but I was trying to get them together in a short period of time 😛 )

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WiP Wednesday – Socks and Other Adventures

It’s finally finished! Well, one foot anyway. Here it is…

Sock #1

Sock #1

I finished it two nights ago and immediately started the 2nd one. This pattern has been difficult for me because it is written for circulars and not DPN. Up to the heel flap is easy (duh…it’s just a tube at this point :P) but knowing how many stitches for the flap itself and figuring out the gusset was a bit tedious. I took some notes. I just hope that I can understand them!

At it once again

At it once again

Last night I decided that I was going to start crocheting items from my never ending bucket list. There is nothing that the kids and I need at the moment but I still want to crochet something. Today I am going to go through all my patterns and pick out the ones that I want to do this month and see how it goes. I will be posting progress and final photos up on my Facebook page so come by and take a gander over the next couple of weeks.

That is all for today. I know, pretty short, but I haven’t been doing too much here lately. So, until tomorrow my lovelies!

God Bless!


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FOs and WiPs

It has been a long while since I have shown any of my work and since I have just started to get in the groove of blogging and (somewhat) keeping up with my Facebook page, I thought I would show you what I have been up to. Not much, but I’ve been both knitting and crocheting during the last couple of months. Here they are in order and patterns (if any) will be in the captions.

My FOs

This first one, I am not too sure if I had shown you this before but I had made this infinity cowl right before Christmas. I still have to write up the pattern…that is if I can remember what I did! I don’t have a name for it as yet, maybe I will do a giveaway for the pattern for the best name???

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You Know What Today Is! WiP Wednesday! Yay!

Well, well, well. This is probably one of my most favorite day of the week. I get to show you what I have been working on. This time I am working on 4 different projects – 2 knit and 2 crochet.

The first one is a hat that I am knitting. I had recently bought a pair of circulars for a project and to get used to knitting in the round, I decided to make a simple hat. Easy enough, right? Heh, heh.  I took it one step further and see what would happen if I flipped my knitting over and continued to knit. This is what I came up with:

'Lazy Knitted Cap'. Using Berroco Comfort in color 9713

‘Lazy Knitted Cap’. Using Berroco Comfort in color 9713

I call it ‘lazy knitting’ only because I don’t have to purl at all…just flip the work over. I love the results because it makes the hat sort of reversible to which look you prefer. I think my next issue is how to bind it off in a way that I can cinch it shut. I haven’t gotten that far as yet nor have I decided if I just want to make it a slouch or decrease to make it a fitted cap. I might just continue with the ‘lazy’ route and continue to knit until there is just enough to bind off and close. I am having fun and that is what is important, right?!

This next one I am making for my children – place mats and coasters. They are some very messy eaters no matter how I try to teach them the proper way to use utensils. They do to a certain extent but always resort to what the good Lord made for them, their fingers! So, you can imagine the mess they can make especially eating their favorite dish…spaghetti and meatballs! Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! (My favorite phrase from The God’s Must Be Crazy! – hilarious!) I figure if they can keep the mess contained to the mats, I don’t have to keep treating the table  every other day. I’m also contemplating making a table cloth as well but who needs another project? Ha, ha!

Place Mat Set - Using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton yarn in

Place Mat Set – Using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton yarn in Blue Snow Cone and an H-hook

I am also knitting a new scarf for my son. When we went into Walmart last Friday, I had to scope out some yarn for one of the kids at church and for my son to choose which color green he wanted. And he picked this bright green that I can only knit at night in low light. All I can say is that he will not be hard to see when it gets dark!

Garter stitch scarf - Using Red Heart SS in Glowworm and size 8 needles

Garter stitch scarf – Using Red Heart SS in Glowworm and size 8 needles

This last one is another doily that I am making. I found the pattern and decided that I wanted something bigger so I am using a larger hook than recommended. I’m thinking that when I move, this will go on the dining table as the base for a centerpiece. Time will tell.

Lacy Doily. Using Bernat Handicrafter size 5 crochet thread in Misty Grey and B-Hook.

Lacy Doily. Using Bernat Handicrafter size 5 crochet thread in Misty Grey and B-Hook.

This is all that are on my hooks and needles. What is on yours?

God Bless!


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My Second Pattern is Done! (…Well Almost)

My (Blue) Gradient Scarf is done!!!! Yay!!! I also made a slouch hat to go with it last night. I used RH With Love and it got even softer with the blocking. Here is what it looks like.








I think this is the best thing that I have ever made for myself. The scarf is super long…100 inches! I can wrap it around my neck a few times as well. If I don’t wear the hat, I can use it as a cowl as well. Yesterday I blocked the scarf and added my favorite oil to scent it. Smells so wonderful! I can’t wait to wear it tonight when I go to church this evening. Maybe even drum up some business. 😀

I finished the writing up the pattern last night but I do still have to tweak the layout. I also want to make other sizes for the hat as well and that will just take some math and have it tested. I am so pleased with the results!

Now that this is done, I’m going to make some hats for charity and drop them off this weekend. Hats and booties for newborns! It should go fairly quickly.

Well, I’m off to search for some patterns, until next time!

God Bless!

Hot Off the Hook!

This week, I have been getting back into my crochet. Partially because there are only so many patterns that I can find that are knit flat and also require size 8 knitting needles. I have made slippers for the kids and for myself and starting on a slouch beanie and matching arm warmers.

So here is what I have completed so far:

My daughter modeling her scarf I made for her…

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf

…here is another…

IMG_0082…and the last one.

IMG_0083No Button Baby Booties – pattern for newborn to adult

IMG_0087(1)IMG_0093 IMG_0094IMG_0103 IMG_0107 IMG_0110Crochet Ballet Slippers – for myself

IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0145Now I am working on a pattern by Moogly (love her stuff!) All Grown Up Striped Slouch Hat. I have to frog it though because I don’t like how there is a thick stripe where the color changes are. So I will undo them later tonight after the kids go to bed. After that I will work on the All Grown Up Arm Warmers to match.

I have to find a set for the kids this Winter so they will have new hats this year. I want to knit them a a set but that is not possible, for me at least, to do so with just a pair of straight needles. *sigh*

Anyways, I’ll be busy crocheting for the rest of the week so I can get it all finished. Until tomorrow….hopefully….I have loads of clothes to fold and put away. (I hate folding clothes)

God Bless!


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Over Half Way There! Yay!

It has been a very taxing week for me and the kids. My daughter became sick early Saturday morning and it has been a chore! She caught the same thing that I had a couple of weeks ago but for her, as small as she is, it seemed worse. When I was sick, she kept kissing me (she is no way shape or form stingy with her kisses either!) and wanting to snuggle in hopes that it would make me feel better. I protested, I felt bad about it, but I guess I didn’t do it enough because she still got sick. It was so bad that I had to take her to the hospital on Sunday. Now she is doing better but she still has a cough. Going to see the doc tomorrow morning for a follow up. I thank God that so far, I haven’t had to pay for anything in regards to this….Lord knows I wouldn’t have been able to pay it.

I did get some knitting done and doubled the size of my daughters’ scarf. I think that it is coming along nicely.





I only have a short way to go before I am done. I really want to get started on some house slippers that I found on Ravelry. I found three free patters that I want to make but can only make two of them since I don’t have DPNs or circular needles.

I found the Bulky Yarn Booty,

Bulky Yarn Booties courtesy of Annalynn36 on Flickr

Bulky Yarn Booty – photo courtesy of Annalynn36 on Flickr

Two Needle Slippers

Two Needle Slippers - photo courtesy of TheIrishEwe on Flickr

Two Needle Slippers – photo courtesy of TheIrishEwe on Flickr

(which are both worked flat),and Elf Shoes

Elf Shoes - photo courtesy of Jujune on Flickr

Elf Shoes – photo courtesy of Jujune on Flickr

(which I will make once I get a set of DPNs. Aren’t they adorable?! There goes an idea for Christmas parties!!). I also have some fabric paint  to help stop the skidding on the wood flooring. They love to run around and when they are in socks they usually fall and bust their behinds. Heh heh!

I also found something, well…I didn’t find it but Sandy of Sanderellas did, I came across it that would help other crocheters and knitters out there who have trouble organizing their projects, stash and notions. Even though my stash is miniscule compared to others, I still don’t know what I have in my stash. I think these journal pages created by Kathryn Ivy will help tremendously. Each page comes with an explanation as to their use. So you can download all or just the ones that you need. I’ve saved them all since I am prone to ideas all the time, even though I have no idea where to start with a lot of them! I am going to start mine today, at least get my stash documented that way I don’t have to guess as to what I have or what I don’t have.

Well I hope all is well with you all and you are enjoying your day. I am going to take a mini break and get on to inventory.

God Bless!


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