WiP Wednesday/Knitting/Birthday Shout Out

It has seems like for ever since I have posted anything fiber related on Wednesday. So please forgive me if you have seen any of it before.

I created my first pattern last month. For the CAL I was participating in, we were told to come up with our own design and for extra points, add the written pattern and any design notes that we came up with. For the longest, I was thinking of recreating a shirt that I owned (not crochet) and modifying it so that it would be fitting to my waist. I was going to use the zig-zag stitch. But I stopped realizing that the yarn was going to be too thick. I may make it into a blanket or throw.

Where I got before I stopped.

Where I got before I stopped

A close up

A close up

I decided on making my own hat instead and this is what I came up with.

Slouch hat with Ribbed Brim by Shantier's Handmade Designs

Slouch hat with Ribbed Brim by Shantier’s Handmade Designs

Slouch hat with Ribbed Brim by Shantier's Handmade Designs - side

Slouch hat with Ribbed Brim by Shantier’s Handmade Designs – Side View

If you want to download, the pattern is available here for free. I just ask that you do not claim the pattern as your own. You can sell the pieces made but if selling online, please credit me as the designer.

As for my WiP, it’s knitting. I taught myself how to knit a couple of weeks ago and started making my son his scarf. I used RH self striping yarn and I have to say that it is coming out wonderful.IMG_20130918_093406_852IMG_20130918_093502_912IMG_20130918_093512_950It would have been a lot longer but I had to frog to get to a good starting point and continue. I don’t know why I never remember not to leave anything that I am working on where my kids can reach it. About a foot of the scarf was gone. Luckily, it is all garter stitch because it would have been a hassle for me to figure out which way was what. I am going to make one for my daughter in the seed stitch and see how that comes out. I want to make a hat as well but I don’t think I will be able to get DPNs (Double Pointed Needles) or a circular needles any time soon, so they will have to wait. I think I will find a pattern on Ravelry for some fingerless mitts that are worked flat so I can make a matching set.

As for the birthday shout out, it is for my second eldest. He turned 7 today. Seven years ago was a hard day for me. I almost died (my preeclampsia was turning into eclampsia) and I had an emergency c-section when I was about 5 months pregnant. Funny thing was, the day of the surgery, I felt better than I have been for the last month and a half that I was there. He was 2.2 lbs and could fit in the palm of your hand. I was put under when it happened so I didn’t get to see anything. The doctors told me that he was a little fighter and that his cries were very strong for someone his size. Normally when they are that small, they would have to help them breathe but not my son. He came out screaming! The grip he had was very strong as well and it astonished the doctors. He stayed in the hospital for a month until he was 5lbs. so I could take him home. If you were to see him now, you wouldn’t even know he was a premie.

This photo was taken last year.

This photo was taken last year.

He’s very smart and like his father, very much into computers. I pray that God continues to do a work in my son so that he becomes the man that God intended him to be.

Well that is all for now. I have been pretty exhausted lately, I don’t know why, and I want to lay down. Not going to happen though, the kids won’t let me. I may sit and knit some more…maybe dig out a DVD or two to watch with some home made mocha (just instant coffee mixed with chocolate milk) and knit until it is time to go to church tonight.

Hope you’re Wednesday is awesome!

God Bless!


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