Almost There!

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that I have a custom order for the Lil Granny Bunny. It’s a HUGE order of 7 and I had started working on it last week Thursday. So far, here is where I left of very early this morning.

The pile is growing!

The pile is growing!

I have two more bodies to make and then I can start on the limbs, ears and bibles. Then starts the exhaustive FUN task of attaching the parts together. I did get some tapestry needles last week so it should make it even easier this time around instead of using the straight blunt needle. I should be done with all the parts and start the sewing by the end of this week. Then it is on to the embroidery and the embellishments.

Back to the grind I go. I woke up extremely late this morning and haven’t even started crocheting as yet. Plus I had to change my sheets which is a real chore since the other half is filled with books, notions, yarn and fiberfil. That is a real workout! Heh heh!

Talk to you tomorrow!

God Bless!


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Amongst Other Things…

Well, well, well. Today is Wednesday and one of my favorite days too! I get to show you what I have been making as well as what is going to be in store. So to recap, I have been working on this teddy bear and things have been going great until Monday night. When I first started the project, I knew that there might not be enough yarn to finish…but a girl can hope, right? Just as I expected, the yarn was getting scarce as I started on the foot.



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Completion and Work in Progress

Today I have two things to share and that is the completion of my shawl and the beginnings of a new one.

For the finished piece, the All Shawl by Doris Chan.

Here it is before blocking:

Before blocking

Before blocking

Here it is after the block. I didn’t realize that one of the picot points were tucked under until after the fact. 😀

Looks much better!

Looks much better!

This was the first time that I blocked anything and I think that it came out great. I used the screen from the window of my children’s room (had to take it out so that the a/c unit could go in their window) and used and old sheet to cover it and pinned it to the sheet. If I had the space…I would have blocked it a little larger but I’m working with what I got! 🙂

I’m working on a new shawl for this Sunday as well. This one is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. It’s called Daylight Tweedy Shawl. It is painfully easy and a great shawl for a beginner. I am about 1/3 of the way done. I’m using Caron Simply Soft in Bone for this one and I am going to add a trim on the shorter sides. Though I don’t know how I am going to block this one. maybe old it in half and do it that way. But here is what I have so far:

Daylight Tweedy Shawl

Daylight Tweedy Shawl

If I keep up with making a shawl a week (I do have other projects that I am working on!) I will have a respectable amount of shawls by the start of Fall and will have enough by the start of Winter to go with anything that I am wearing. Saves me a LOT of moe-nay!

Oh! Before I forget, I have been working on making some hot pads for the house and some for sale and I have made two so far. They are so easy to make and I love the pattern…easy to remember as well! Here they are:

Starburst Hotpads

Starburst Hotpads

I think I saw this on Tumblr, I am not too sure but the one on the left I made from the left over Bernat cotton yarn from my older boys beanies. The one on the right was made with Peaches and Creme cotton yarn (the only place I can get it is at Walmart since it has been discontinued). The one on the left doesn’t hold its shape well and I will use this one at home but the one on the right looks more like the picture and holds its shape better. All it consists of are 5 simple motifs! I think this will make a great addition to people’s kitchens and the color possibilities are limited to your imagination!

Well that is all for now. It is getting warmer here in the house and I am going to park myself near the fan in the living room and crochet.

What have you been working on? Would love to hear from you.

God Bless!

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You Know What Today Is…WiP Wednesday!!

Well my friends, I have started and finished some commissions and have also started a new project. My two eldest sons have asked me to make them beanies as well. I had made some for my dad and they took two of his. My dad has since asked for some new ones. But my eldest texted me to ask for his own. They requested their own colors….this is the end result

For my eldest "Little Chef"

For my eldest “Little Chef”

For my second eldest "Lil' lil' Chef"

For my second eldest “Lil’ lil’ Chef”

I used the pattern by Sarah A. called the Solid DC Skully. Both versions of the hat were included in the pattern. I used Bernat Handcraftier Cotton to make the beanies. I must say that I have a new found appreciation for cotton and when I get the chance, I will stock up on cotton yarn. It is easy to work with though it is a bit rough on my fingers. Nothing Udder Butter won’t fix!

I started working on my first doily the other day. I must say it is really fun. I remember when I was little, I used to watch my mom make doilies for the house. I would watch her get frustrated at the thread and tiny needle while she worked. She never gave up though because we had TONS of doilies in the house….at least that is what it looked like to me. When I went to JoAnns for the first time, a few months ago, I picked up this book on doilies.

Annie's Doilies in Color

Annie’s Doilies in Color

At the time I didn’t have any of the smaller hooks so I bought a couple as well. I haven’t really attempted anything in the book until a few days ago. I chose to do this one because it was the first easiest one in the book and it didn’t have too much going on….or so I thought!

Where I was 3 days ago

Where I was 3 days ago

The pattern is called Marigolds. I used what I had on hand. I had some white and black thread but I wanted color. This is what I had. This is Bernat size 5 thread in Misty Grey. I mention the size because when I got to round 9 in the pattern and I had to make the popcorn clusters (the round after this one shown above) I was wondering why mine looked so “tight”. I was using the wrong thread! It asked for size 10 thread and I was using a thread twice as thick. I still like it so I am going to continue. This is where I stopped off last night…start of round 11.

Where I stopped last night

Where I stopped last night

I should have been done with the pattern by tonight but I had to frog round 10 because I left out a set of clusters in each one. I wasn’t too pleased with that. Getting three clusters in that small space was hard enough! What I am going to do is block it and spray fabric stiffener on it and then frame it. I don’t have the space in this house to display it properly and I don’t want the kids to mess with it either. I am going to make more of this pattern and make a collage of pictures. That will be a nice focal point in the house. These walls are drab as it is!

Well that is all for now. Off to make lunch for my two munchkins!

God Bless!

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Crochet, Of Course!

A new month means a new CAL (Crochet ALong) at the Google+ group Crochet Along on Google+. If you love to crochet (or want to learn) and want to meet new people who do, then you are more than welcome to join! (You will need a Google email account in order to participate in the Google+ communities.) This month we are making the Masa Bag by the Nerdy Knitter.  What is unique about this bag is the way that it is put together. It is inspired by the Japanese art of folding called furoshiki and bukuro. Right now it is this skinny piece that I am still wondering how I will make it into a bag that I will use. We shall see about that one. For mine, I am using the colors of my flag of Antigua and Barbuda. For those of you who don’t know, my country is pronounced An-tee-guh.

Flag of Antigua and Barbuda

Flag of Antigua and Barbuda

I have dubbed the bag, Masa Bag “Antigua”. Based on the amount of color used in the flag itself, I made my stripes in the same fashion. There is more red than anything else so that will be the biggest color band.

Masa Bag "Antigua"

Masa Bag “Antigua”

I still have the blue to finish and then the yellow and black. Once that is done, I am going to attempt to assemble the bag. When that is finished, I will make the strap and attach. By the end of the week, I should have a new bag to sport when I go shopping/running errands! I think I will make a hat to match. Hmmmm…. What is so cool about this bag is that you can create a very unique design by folding paper cut to the desired ratio, in this case 1:3, and coloring in a design. When I am done, I could use it as a template to crochet. Sales idea? Ding, ding, ding!

Over the weekend, I made a purse for my daughter. It is nothing special but it will keep her from going into mine all the time. I am going to make a small wallet for her as well and give her old bank cards and old business cards to play with. That should keep her busy. My son saw me making a purse for his sister and wanted one too. I told him purses were not for boys so I am going to make him a messenger bag.

My daughter's purse

My daughter’s purse

I have some commissioned pieces that I am waiting to start once the yarn comes in. The hats that I made my dad were a big hit with my sons and now they want me to make them one of their own. I haven’t made much leeway with my blanket that I am making but I did double and triple checked what I have already and write up the pattern. I have been working on putting a catalog together for the Fall/Winter time and post it to my Facebook page for viewing. I did this mainly because a lot of people do not know what crochet is capable of and think that it is mainly hats, scarves, shawls, throws, afghans and blankets. Crochet is much more than that. I want to display the various apparel and accessories that could be made….make them think outside the box. I am giving myself two weeks to get it done. I just finished organizing all the PDF files in my crochet folder and and my OneNote crochet notebook is also organized as well. Now just to pick out the patterns that I want and arrange them. Going to be a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end.

Whelp, I am off to crochet some more. I should be done with the bag by tonight. It works up pretty quickly. I may make some more before the month is out just to coordinate with my wardrobe.

Y’all have an awesome hump day and rest of the week!

God Bless!

God is Good/WiP Wednesday

Last week as some of you may know, I fasted for three days. Within those days I took the time that I would have spent on the computer and used it to spend more time in the word of God and prayer. It was a difficult three days but I made it. One thing that I will say about this experience is that I have seen a definite change in one of the major issues in my life. The complete turn around is quite astonishing and all I can do is say, “Thank you Lord. It is only You that can make what was once thought to be a dead end (my marriage) to something of hope.” Some people may not believe in God, (I’m not mad atcha, I’ll just pray for your eyes to be opened…I still love you anyway!) and because they don’t believe they feel that talking to an “imaginary” person is a sign of schizophrenia. If you have a relationship with God or even have a strong sense of the spiritual realm, you will know what I am saying to be true.

God can work miracles in your life if you truly believe…not second guessing for a moment. Fasting can deepen our relationship with him while making the effect of our prayer that much stronger. Sacrificing food, time away from leisurely things and focusing your energies to God is rewarding in several ways. You will get that deepened relationship, as I have said, your prayers will be answered in ways you could never imagine and you will get the desires of your heart. Don’t just think of God as a religion but a friend who knows you inside and out and DESPITE all you do, will love you unconditionally. I do hope you reconsider how you view God. Your life will never be the same!

As for my current projects that I have working on that is taking up most of my time is this afghan/blanket that I am working on. I found this awesome place mat set by one of bloggers that I follow named Cricket (her blog). She used a beautiful stitch, very simple, and the end result made a beautiful texture. I decided to use the stitch for my afghan. She didn’t know the name of it nor did the person she found the stitch from. Needless to say, that didn’t stop me from trying to find out. I searched for weeks and I happened to come across a photo similar to the stitch I was using the other day. The original stitch is called the Leaf Stitch. It consists of two single crochet in the same stitch and then skipping a stitch. This pattern repeats for the rest of the project and you are left with a piece that looks like tiny leaves. The stitch we have used is a variant of the stitch and it produces a canted leaf pattern. It is lovely to look at and the yarn that I am using (Red Heart With Love) loves the stitch as well! Here it is…my bed is a king size so you have an idea as to how big it is.

My blanket in the making...still have a ways to go!

My blanket in the making…still have a ways to go!

There is going to be a lot of changing of colors and as of right now the pattern is in an “organic” stage, I have changed my mind as to how the colors need to be placed at least 3 – 4 times already. But a pattern is being written at the same time. I hope to be finished soon. I love how soft it feels and the anticipation to wrap it around myself is killing me!

I am also working on a gift for a friend of mine. She just became a grandmother! I used to party with her when I was living in Germany. She’s very cool peeps and I love her to death! So on a whim, I am making a newborn set for the little bundle of joy! I won’t post pics until after she gets it because it is still a surprise. I will say this, I have a new appreciation for the cone of yarn that the Peaches and Creme (yes, I know it is discontinued but I can still get it at Walmart…don’t know if it is on the online store though. You are welcomed to find out though!) comes on because I have made several items for the baby and I probably used just under half of what is on the cone already. To think I was going to buy two!! I can’t wait for her to get it!

I also sent off my first commissions my dad wanted. He asked for beanies and I made three. When he got them he was pleased with them. My two oldest sons loved them as well and stole two from my dad! So now I have to make him two more and he ordered some items for the Winter as well! He says he has a design made up already so all I have to do is get the yarn colors he requested and crochet away! Scarf and some hats and I am going to throw in some convertible gloves (the ones that you can pull the tips off — their name escapes me now) for free. My dad works outside a lot and aside from having a chrome dome, he is getting up there in age. Anything to keep him toasty warm!

Well I am off now to feed the children their 2nd lunch (they eat as much as Hobbits!) and crochet until it is time for me to cook dinner. I am making tuna helper tonight and don’t know how well they will take it. So as a backup I have roasted chicken and rice…they chowed down on it last night! Wish me luck!

God Bless!




Three days later and a lot of frogging (that word is so funny! Sounds like something you would do…ahem…well you know!) I finally finished the CAL for this month. It works up pretty quickly but if you aren’t paying attention…as I found out the hard way….you will skip a step and won’t realize it until you reach the same point in the next round. There are places in the pattern to lengthen it but I kept it short since I will just be using it as a poncho. I also omitted the elastic waist band and opted to sew ribbon on the outside with a complementing color instead. Maybe a chocolate brown. It will help keep the top from stretching with use and add a pop of color. This is still considered a WiP until it’s done.

The Shimmer Skirt or Poncho by Doris Chan

The Shimmer Skirt or Poncho by Doris Chan

The next time that I make one of these I will use a more shimmery or metallic yarn. I used Red Heart With Love in Aran…so soft! Patons just came out with this new yarn, Metallic, that I am dying to try out once I can afford to get a bulk of skeins. It would look so pretty and would be great for an evening out.

My friend in Germany just became a grandmother! She is so beautiful and I am going to make a something for the baby and am going to use this pattern by Debi as the starter. I’ll make a set out of it so that Miss Little Cutie Patootey has an ensemble to wear when out and about in the German streets!

After all the all the crocheting, I realized that the hooks are a bit too small for me and I got an ergo grip today at Walmart.

Boye Ergo Aluminum Crochet Handle

Boye Ergo Aluminum Crochet Handle

I’m going to try it out tonight and see how it goes.

I finished my commissions this week as well and they are ready to be shipped. They are in some cute white gift boxes and tied with a small blue ribbon. I have to put them in shipping boxes so they won’t get crushed but it will be a nice surprise when they open up the packing box. I also have some potential commissions for July as well. House shoes, two patriotic vests for dogs and some pot holders….all from the same person. Hopefully I hear from them today. We still have to go over the details of what they are looking for and how much it will be. The 4th is coming up quick!

Well that is all for now. Going to play with my new handle and start on the bonnet. See you folks on the flip side!

God Bless!


Business Ventures and #MayCAL

I was thinking a lot about our current financial situation and I thought that I would go into business for myself selling  handmade items. I’ll be mostly selling to people back home in NY and maybe online but it has been a growing idea in my mind for a while. I’ll dabble in crochet, quilting, embroidery, cricut, some jewelry, home decor and maybe pet accessories (I know a lot of people who have pets). Thing is I don’t know where to start. If you have any pointers about where to go to get info to start a US based business, please feel free to lend some advice. I do know that I will need a 2nd laptop (this one is really for school only) and dedicate it to my crafting programs and running the business. Something portable and can turn into a tablet…like a Toshiba. It’ll be expensive but it will be worth it.

On a brighter note, I got my yarn for the #MayCAL (or May Crochet ALong). I belong to a crochet group on Google+ called Crochet Along on Google+.  Every month the moderators find a new free pattern to share and for everyone in the group to do. It’s pretty cool actually. The project this month is called the Blooming Flower Cushion by Lucy of Attic24 on Ravelry. Whether you are a beginner like me or advanced and need a break from other projects, it’s a great place to hang out and have crochet fun. I bought Caron Simply Soft yarn for mine. Here they are:

Cason Yarn for #MayCAL

Caron Yarn for #MayCAL

I don’t know which way I should do the colors so here is the other color plan.

Color plan #2

Color plan #2

The Caron colors are Watermelon #9604, Grape #9610 and Blue Mint #9608. I like the first one better than the second and may do that. We’ll see…..

Well I am off to start crocheting and thinking about what to cook for dinner. Thinking about meatloaf but not too sure as yet. I’ll make sure to write the recipe down and share it next week Wednesday. My meatloaf is the BOMBA! (Dropped some Finn & Jake on ya!) Heh heh! Y’all be careful this weekend and have fun.

God Bless!