Amongst Other Things…

Well, well, well. Today is Wednesday and one of my favorite days too! I get to show you what I have been making as well as what is going to be in store. So to recap, I have been working on this teddy bear and things have been going great until Monday night. When I first started the project, I knew that there might not be enough yarn to finish…but a girl can hope, right? Just as I expected, the yarn was getting scarce as I started on the foot.



There are only a few yards left and I am only half way done with the foot. So I have had to call it quits until I get a new skein. I’m kind of upset though because I bought this yarn last year and I know for a fact that the same dye lot will not be available. Hopefully it will not be too far off. I will be taking the foot with me when I go get some more so I can get a close enough match without it being too obvious.

I was supposed to start a new project but got sidetracked looking for a pattern. So many beautiful projects but I don’t either have the right tools or the right yarn for it either. 😦 It was a bit frustrating, needless to say. Oh well! Tonight is a new night and I will SUCCEED in finding a new pattern. Actually, I may just start on working on some stuff for my sister. She is renting a table at a party and she is selling her bow ties and my mom is selling her jewelry. I am going to send some items to her for her to sell. I started making a list Sunday. I should at least finish that before diving into anything else.

On Monday, I got a great surprise! I ordered some custom made bow ties from my sister for my son and they came in the mail! My son loved them…especially the Batman one. (He loves Superheros) Today, I have to take some pictures with him modeling them so that I can send them back for her to add to her portfolio. My daughter got a frosted headband as well.

Bow ties by Ahesha James of Frosted Elements

Bow ties by Ahesha James of Frosted Elements

You can find her on Instagram (the link to her profile is in the caption of the photo above) and see some of the awesome work that she has done so far. Feel free to contact for your own order!

I also got this in the mail:

Blue Sky Alpaca/Spud and Chloe Look Books

blue sky Alpaca/Spud and Chloë Look Book

Look books from blue sky Alpaca and Spud and Chloë! I love every single piece in these books and I wish I had the yarn and time to make them all. It’s like that with every pattern in my ever expanding bucket list of patterns. Love every one but not enough time!! If you would like your own look book or view the digital version, you can sign up here. While you are there, you can check out the patterns that are available for free and for sale. I love the inspiration and one of these days, I will be designing my own knitting patterns! 😉

I am also in the process of opening my new store where I will display the items that I have  already made and sell one or two of the patterns that I have written. I am not too sure as yet. It will take some time because I will have to recreate most of my pieces. The kids have been wearing them for over a year and they are worn with love! I have given thought to re-branding myself as well. I am going to change the name of the shop (only slightly) as well as some other cosmetic changes. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. The page isn’t live as yet but should be soon!

So what is on your hook and needles today? What are some of your plans?

God Bless!


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5 thoughts on “Amongst Other Things…

    • IF I can find the yarn! I didn’t see it at Walmart yesterday. I still have to put it to the side because I started my commission last night. I will be a couple of weeks before I can tackle the teddy again. By then, that particular color


      be stocked.


      • Oh!! I know how that goes…Walmart is pretty good about restocking their yarns in my area….I hope it is there very soon for you!!


      • Oh they will. They have this neat little scanner that they scan on the label….it shows how much is in the stock room, or…when it is expected to be delivered and restocked! I have been through all of that with a sales associate. Really nice!!


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