WiP Wednesday – Socks and Other Adventures

It’s finally finished! Well, one foot anyway. Here it is…

Sock #1

Sock #1

I finished it two nights ago and immediately started the 2nd one. This pattern has been difficult for me because it is written for circulars and not DPN. Up to the heel flap is easy (duh…it’s just a tube at this point :P) but knowing how many stitches for the flap itself and figuring out the gusset was a bit tedious. I took some notes. I just hope that I can understand them!

At it once again

At it once again

Last night I decided that I was going to start crocheting items from my never ending bucket list. There is nothing that the kids and I need at the moment but I still want to crochet something. Today I am going to go through all my patterns and pick out the ones that I want to do this month and see how it goes. I will be posting progress and final photos up on my Facebook page so come by and take a gander over the next couple of weeks.

That is all for today. I know, pretty short, but I haven’t been doing too much here lately. So, until tomorrow my lovelies!

God Bless!


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One thought on “WiP Wednesday – Socks and Other Adventures

  1. Hi there!! I love your sock!! It is beautiful, and you are becoming a master knitter!! I haven’t been doing any knitting, just crochet, and you certainly inspired me this morning!! I am going to post your ‘sock’ on FB!! Lol…..I am!!

    Everything seems to be working on my .org blog now…however, I did open up another one over at blogger….kind of missed it there, but people can go back and forth will not be duplicating posts….different on each. Trying to build up an audience! The feed is on my .org blog.

    Okay, going to go and post that sock!



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