On days like today, where I have to run errands, can get pretty stressful. Not a bad stress but a good one. The kids have a blast because they love taking the bus and get to see new things. I get some time to knit as well to pass the time. Today though was a bit different. On the way to Walmart, I noticed two men and an older woman looking out of one of the bus windows. All I can hear was, “He’s not moving, he’s not moving”. So I lean forward and look out the corner of the back window and there is this man passed out on the ground next to a bus stop with his shopping bag next to him and his cane laying askew. Now I knew for a fact that two of the three people watching had a cell phone with them. One of the men kept saying, “No one is stopping to help him. They are just leaving him there”. So I think, he could have easily called 911 instead of talking about it. (Which is true.) I put down my knitting and called 911. I let them know what had happened and I let them know that I was on the bus and happened to see. Didn’t take longer than 3 or 4 minutes. I prayed that I wasn’t the only one that called because the road that I was traveling on is a pretty busy street and it wasn’t like the man was hidden out of the way. He was blocking the sidewalk. My concern was, just as the other man stated, no one had even stopped to see if he was alright. The bus stop was next to a large intersection and in front of a gas station. Someone had to have seen him!

It reminded me of NY where people would ignore the homeless that were on the street. It was a sad situation. I can only speculate as to why the man was on the ground. He had shopping bags with him and at the time, it wasn’t too hot and it was breezy. He could have had low blood sugar or could have been in an altercation…I don’t know. I just hope that he is alright. I don’t even know if I can call back and find out if they had picked him up or if he was still there by the time the ambulance got there. I’ll keep this anonymous man in my prayers because that is all that I can really do. It is times like these that I wonder about humanity. I wonder, what is so hard to take time out and help a fellow man? I’m not mad or anything, just concerned.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? I would like to hear your thoughts.

God Bless!


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