Over Half Way There! Yay!

It has been a very taxing week for me and the kids. My daughter became sick early Saturday morning and it has been a chore! She caught the same thing that I had a couple of weeks ago but for her, as small as she is, it seemed worse. When I was sick, she kept kissing me (she is no way shape or form stingy with her kisses either!) and wanting to snuggle in hopes that it would make me feel better. I protested, I felt bad about it, but I guess I didn’t do it enough because she still got sick. It was so bad that I had to take her to the hospital on Sunday. Now she is doing better but she still has a cough. Going to see the doc tomorrow morning for a follow up. I thank God that so far, I haven’t had to pay for anything in regards to this….Lord knows I wouldn’t have been able to pay it.

I did get some knitting done and doubled the size of my daughters’ scarf. I think that it is coming along nicely.





I only have a short way to go before I am done. I really want to get started on some house slippers that I found on Ravelry. I found three free patters that I want to make but can only make two of them since I don’t have DPNs or circular needles.

I found the Bulky Yarn Booty,

Bulky Yarn Booties courtesy of Annalynn36 on Flickr

Bulky Yarn Booty – photo courtesy of Annalynn36 on Flickr

Two Needle Slippers

Two Needle Slippers - photo courtesy of TheIrishEwe on Flickr

Two Needle Slippers – photo courtesy of TheIrishEwe on Flickr

(which are both worked flat),and Elf Shoes

Elf Shoes - photo courtesy of Jujune on Flickr

Elf Shoes – photo courtesy of Jujune on Flickr

(which I will make once I get a set of DPNs. Aren’t they adorable?! There goes an idea for Christmas parties!!). I also have some fabric paint  to help stop the skidding on the wood flooring. They love to run around and when they are in socks they usually fall and bust their behinds. Heh heh!

I also found something, well…I didn’t find it but Sandy of Sanderellas did, I came across it that would help other crocheters and knitters out there who have trouble organizing their projects, stash and notions. Even though my stash is miniscule compared to others, I still don’t know what I have in my stash. I think these journal pages created by Kathryn Ivy will help tremendously. Each page comes with an explanation as to their use. So you can download all or just the ones that you need. I’ve saved them all since I am prone to ideas all the time, even though I have no idea where to start with a lot of them! I am going to start mine today, at least get my stash documented that way I don’t have to guess as to what I have or what I don’t have.

Well I hope all is well with you all and you are enjoying your day. I am going to take a mini break and get on to inventory.

God Bless!


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4 thoughts on “Over Half Way There! Yay!

    • Yeah it has been pretty rough lately but she is bouncing back to her normal self. My daughter picked the color out some time ago and I haven’t used the yarn until now. I still have to take some photos if her in it. She hasn’t seen it as yet. She’s going to be ecstatic!


  1. I hope your daughter gets well very soon Shantier, poor little one…it is very hard on them when they are so young, they don’t understand, just feel miserable. Did you get to the Dr., or is that tomorrow? Love the elf booties! I think I could keep my cats in line wearing them! Lol!! Also, love the handwriting on your pictures, and how can I make the copyright mark on mine. Is it on the keyboard, I don’t see it. How do I do that? Thanks, Sandy


    • She’s doing a lot better. Thanks for the concern. We saw the doctor this morning and the gave her some meds to help with the breathing and to dry up her runny nose.

      For the copywrite, I edited the photos in Photoshop. I chose a font that I liked (it matches the logo on fb) and typed it in. Adjusted the color so that it could be seen clearly and flattened the image so that it would become a single entity. I think you can get free photo tools online but I purchased my kit through my school when I was studying to be an interior designer. I still have a year left to finish but with finances the way that they are, I can’t. 😦


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