Knowing When To Let Go and Let God Handle It

There are days that I feel do overwhelmed with thoughts that it even wakes me up out of my sleep. This happened to me earlier this morning and it was so bad that it kept me from returning to sleep. I get like this when there is something that is truly bothering me….and it has never been pleasant. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well last night. I am a bit upset at myself for allowing myself to get to a state where I don’t even have peace in my sleep. It is times like these where I just have to let go and let God handle it. There is nothing else that I can do since the situation is something that I cannot control (e.g.: the actions of others) and leave it in the hands of the one who can, God.

It’s not easy to do in some cases. I don’t know why I would rather carry my own crippling baggage then let the Lord help carry it for me. He is the one that can go into each case and find out what is making it so burdensome, fix it and make it lighter. For me that is part of the learning process and learning about the grace of God. When I think about his grace, I think about Paul. Paul was allowed to be tormented by a demon because he knew that he would become too proud and boast about his achievements instead of glorifying the Lord. Three times he prayed to have this demon be removed from him and “[e]ach time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9 NLT). The Lord knew how much this must have aggravated Paul to have a demon torment him whenever it felt like but because of the Lords’ grace, he can endure. The Lord was letting Paul know that no matter what the circumstance that the Lord will give him the strength to endure.

If Paul can endure a demon tormenting him and rely on the Lord to help him get through, then I can rely on the Lord to take care of the way I view and react to situations out of my control. So if you have ever come to an impasse in your life, don’t struggle with it, let it go and let God handle it. He will give us the grace to get through whatever situation we may find ourselves in.

I hope this little nugget helps you in whatever you may be facing.

God Bless!


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