WiP Wednesday – Knitting Scarves/A 5 Year Old Gift/Biting Ants

It has been a little over a month since I have started knitting and in between stray cats and being sick, I have managed to finish knitting my sons’ scarf and start on the one for my daughter. Both of them are garter stitch scarves. I really wanted to make a seed stitch scarf for my daughter but the yarn was not agreeing with me. It kept splitting and I was having to constantly frog the scarf. I really didn’t get to far with it so I started over and just did used the garter stitch instead. I think I may have to buy wool or another animal fiber to pull off the seed stitch properly. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment!

Here is the scarf that I finished for my son. It is RHSS in Banana Berry.

My sons' scarf

My sons’ scarf

Even though he is only 3, I made it wide enough to wear two ways. I can either fold it in half to wear normally…

Folded in half and worn regularly

Folded in half and worn regularly

…or fully open to wrap around his face like a cowl.

Fully opened and worn like a cowl

Fully opened and worn like a cowl

The scarf is still wide enough to be tucked under his coat and jacket and not have that awkward space where the cold wind nips at the back of the neck. Here is the one for my daughter. It is done in RHSS in Grape Fizz.

My daughters' scarf - WiP

My daughters’ scarf – WiP

Her’s not as wide…I am not sure why since I cast on the same amount of stitches for both scarves…oh well. She’s smaller than her brother so it will be ok! 😀

When my daughter was born, my sister brought a gift for her. It was this lovely pink cardigan that she picked up in Italy on a school trip in 2006 (I think). At the time, we had all thought that my second son was going to be born a girl (it was still a bit early to tell) and she bought it with the expectation of sending it to me in Germany. Well a few weeks later, I found out that I was having a boy and everyone was a bit crushed, including my sister. So she told me that she was going to give it away to someone who had a girl or wait until I had one. Well about 5 years later, my daughter came on the scene! And when she came to visit me in Tennessee, she brought the cardigan with her and surprised me with it.

The 5 year old gift

The 5 year old gift

Here is my daughter wearing it the day that she came home from the hospital. She wasn’t too happy with her brother holding her. He had just turned 1 the week before.

The day we came home

The day we came home

I love the cardigan so much that I want to knit another one in a larger size. The stitches are big enough to get a good gauge and make the calculations for a new one. It will take some time but I am determined to make them for her when she turns 4. I am going to make 2 or 3 and in her favorite colors, pink and purple (that’s if that doesn’t change by the time I start knitting).

We had a crazy adventure a couple of weeks ago (right before I got really sick) and we had gone to Walmart to get some stuff for the house. When we go to the car, my son decided that he wanted to pick the leaf from the tree because he could reach the relatively low branches. I took a picture of his achievement. What we didn’t know is that he was stepping on an ant hill. A few moments after the picture was taken, my son cries to me saying his foot hurts and he was hopping towards me shouting, “ouch, ouch!”. So I looked and his foot was covered in ants! I took off his shoe and his sock and beat the ants off but apparently there were in his pants as well. So in the middle of the Walmart parking lot, I stripped my son down and knocked all the ants out. There was a guy parked in front of us just sitting in the car with a weird look on his face…(I got a good look) but I didn’t care. I had to save my son from the ants. I put him in his car seat and one or two ants had gotten to his back and bit him. So I got rid of those and strapped him in. I continued to beat the ants out of his pants, socks and shoes and when I was done, I just stuck them in the car.

Ant fiasco

Ant fiasco

When we were in the car, he asked me why the ants bite him. I said that he stepped on the ants’ house and they were defending themselves. He then said that he was sorry for stepping on their house. I said we didn’t know and it was an accident. He thought for a moment, looking out the window and said, “I won’t step on the ants house A-GAIN!” I had to laugh but he was really serious! By the time we got home, he had raised bites all by his feet and the two on his back. He behaved well and didn’t scratch at them like I had asked him to. I put some itch cream on him and the next day the bites were gone. Man, I will never forget it!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this post. Time for me to make lunch for the kiddos and relax a bit.

God Bless!


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5 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday – Knitting Scarves/A 5 Year Old Gift/Biting Ants

  1. Enjoyed your post very much! Loved the scarf, your son is adorable, baby precious, loved the sweater and the story behind it. You are one knitting girl!!


      • How cute! I just loved the story about the sweater! Your a good writer! I usually enjoy your posts anyway, there is like….nothing you can’t do!! Can’t wait to see your next scarf!! Love the yarn! Sandy


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