I’m Back…Missed Y’all!

It seems like forever since I have posted…and in a way it has. I had no internet for a while and it totally sucked.  I had to do all my bible study research on my phone and after a few days I had to stop. It was getting a bit frustrating. Then I got sick. I mean 102 degree fever and had no one to watch these kids sick! But God is good! Normally when I try to take a nap in the living room, I am disturbed about every 5 – 10 minutes from one or two things: One of the kids come to wake me to tell on the other or I hear them fighting. It never fails. The only time I can sleep is if I go to sleep when they are napping. Well, when I was really feverish and weak, I had pulled out the futon (that took forever because the futon is made out of a good solid wood), slapped a sheet and got my pillows and blanket and went to sleep. I slept the first time for an hour straight with no disturbances. The kids were right where I left them when I fell asleep, in front of the TV. Lol! I got them lunch and a snack and went right back to sleep after they were done. Woke up an hour later and they were playing quietly in their room.  It was like this the entire day and it was only the grace of God that allowed me to get the sleep I needed for the day. A week later when I was better, I tried to take a nap again in the living room, no dice!

I took a week off (last week) after that whole ordeal because I needed time to catch up on the things that I couldn’t do while I was sick.  That meant a lot of dishes (and no dishwasher), laundry that needed to take care of and catch up on my bible study (well, the research part of it). Now that things are in order (at least what I can control for the moment) I can blog again while enjoying this rainy weather and this big mug of tea right next to me.

I hope y’all have a great day!

God Bless!

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