Fighting Stray Cats/Pattern Testing/Knitting Adventures

Before I get into anything pertaining to yarn, I have to share this little “adventure” that I had last night in my house. Well most of you know that I don’t have central air in this home. So I normally open the windows and stick a fan in front of it so that we can get some fresh cooler air circulating. Well last night was no exception. There is this ill-fitting screen that falls out if you’re not careful. Not the kind where it is actually fitted into the window…one of the kinds that you but at Lowes or something. The “El-Cheapo”.

After dinner, I put the kids in a bath and then sat in my room listening to the TV and knitting. I used to stay in the living room but it was too far and I couldn’t see them. My bedroom is directly across from the bathroom and all I have to do is lean over and I have both my eyes on them. I had gotten up to check on the kids to make sure that they weren’t making a huge mess (my daughter is always wetting the floor) and went back into the room. After a few minutes, I heard some growling. I didn’t think anything of it. Penny and Felix get into it at times and it ends up with them playing. But a few seconds later I hear this loud scuffle in the living room. The lights were off and turned on the light in the dining room. I could see this long haired black cat lunging after Felix. I’m guessing that it jumped on the screen and it fell and then crawled into the window. Penny and Felix were definitely in fight mode. I guess the cat was a male as well because he and Felix went at it! (Poor Penny!) Well Felix ran towards me and so did the stray and I was standing in the small hallway. It’s about 4’x5′ and when I saw that huge ball of cats, I screamed and slammed the door to the bathroom shut and yelled for the kids not to get out the tub (my son can open doors AND he’s Mr. Nosey) and I ran into my room and shut the door.

I had messaged for help but no answer. It sounded like there were tigers in my living room. Once it got quiet, I opened the door and cautiously looked around. I saw Felix crouched in front of the pantry. I went into the bathroom and checked on the kids and the both of them were repeating the same question at a mile a minute “What happened?”. So I told them and then they asked me if they could see the cat. I said no. I told them to put away their bath toys and to drain the tub (they like to watch the water drain). I went into the living room again and saw the black cat had popped his head back in. I guess he was coming back for round 2 but I clapped my hands and yelled “Git” and he retreated. I turned on the light to assess the damage and checked both of my cats for any cuts. They were both ok from what I saw. Then I went outside and put back the screen. I went back inside and shut the window. By that time the kids had just finished watching the tub drain and came running out to get lotioned and dressed for bed. After that, I had to make some brownies. Heh! That was insane! Anyways, on to talking about yarn. YAY!!!

Well over the last couple of weeks, I have had to deal with sick kids and this past weekend, I finally sick. As much as I didn’t want to, I went out Friday to pay bills and do some light grocery shopping. I decided to go to JoAnns and see if they still had yarn that was advertized for sale. ALL the sale bins were cleaned out! Craziness! But I got some Bernat, about 700 yds, for half price. It was for a pattern that I was testing. I’m glad that it was huge because now I can make some oven mitts and maybe a pot holder with the rest! I’ll show you next week what I tested. The test period isn’t over as yet and I don’t like to publish anything until I know that it all said and done. But it is a beanie and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s large enough to cover my ears without looking overly bulky. I got a HUGE head (thanks Daddy!) and can’t wear a lot of head gear without it looking even bigger. Heh heh.

Well I started practicing knitting almost as soon as I got home and was having a lot of trouble. I purchased size 8 needles which is great for the tons of worsted weight yarn that I have accumulated over the last 4 – 5 months or so but it kept splitting on me and I was having a hard time knitting cleanly. So I found some RH white yarn that was a lot firmer than what I was using and gave me better results.

This is the first successful pass I made at knitting. It is just the knit stitch.

This is the first successful pass I made at knitting. It is just the knit stitch.

Here is the same swatch I was practicing on but with the purl stitch on top.

Here is the same swatch I was practicing on but with the purl stitch on top. Like this, they look almost identical to me. Heh heh!

I ended up frogging it after awhile and started on a new piece. I wanted to do the garter stitch (I think that is right) *update: It’s called the stockinette stitch* where you alternate between the knit and purl stitch to create what everyone recognizes as knitting.

The garter stitch swatch I made last night.

The stockinette stitch swatch I made last night. This is what I was working on when the kids were in the tub.

Here is a closer look. Pretty decent.

Here is a closer look. Pretty decent.

Here is a look at the back

Here is a look at the back

After knitting for a few hours, I can see why people love it. It is soooooooooooooo relaxing. Even more so than crochet. I found myself enjoying the slow rhythm
it knitting or purling each stitch. I think I like the purl stitch the best. Most people don’t but I do. The first things I am going to make are scarves for me and the kids. They already have one in crochet and it will be nice for them to have one knitted as well. I do have to get more needles. I’m thinking detachable circular needles. That way I don’t have to buy as much. Something like this or this. I am not too familiar with what brands are best as yet but I will get there!

If you want to learn how to knit, here are the videos that I watched.

Easy cast on, cast on (full beginners tutorial), knit stitch, purl stitch, bind off.

Well I hope y’all had fun reading. I had fun typing it up! Happy crocheting and knitting!

God Bless!


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3 thoughts on “Fighting Stray Cats/Pattern Testing/Knitting Adventures

  1. I don’t come to check on you for one day and now will spend evening reading your posts 😀 Cats gave me good laughter. Well you did anyways, by being scared more than cats! 😀
    As for knitting. Thanks to my grandmothers who thought me how to crochet and nit when I was just a little girl I can say I know the basics of knitting. Glad I could learn here how each stitch is called, but yes, wavy one when you don’t switch sides and “straight” one with left/right stitch(es) 😀 You know what I’m talking about! 😀
    Knitting is nice! I like ti very much. Hope some day will have more time to devote myself to learn it better than just basic stitches.By that time sticking to crochet and this doll making adventure that I love! 🙂
    (always end up writing a post instead of comment to you:D )


  2. I enjoyed your story so much Tia!! Loved it, and you have a fun blog to visit! I am over here too, and need to do some more work here this week! I liked, tweeted, your over on my FB page, blogged, and now I am following you!! Stop by and say hello sometime!! Sandy


    • That was not a fun night at all…the cat actually came back last week but I chased it away. It is starting to get cold and I think it is trying to find a place to stay. Too bad it fights with my cats or else I would have took it in.


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