The Problem of Being Too Strong

I had something else that I wanted to talk about today but after the conversation that I just had, it all changed. When we are going through difficulties in life, we sometimes put on armor to help us feel stronger. But as you know, the longer you carry something the heavier it gets. That is what is going on right now. On top of being sick myself (I just found out last night–outta curiosity I checked my temp and it was 101 deg.), these emotions are just racking me right now. But I have to take care of myself first before getting on with what needs to be done. I have to call my student loan servicer and deal with them and write an how-to article for a fellow crafter for her blog I will be a guest blogger on. (I didn’t forget 🙂 ). I just don’t have the energy to do either. Plus this fever has got me sweating bullets right now and it is relatively cool in here.

Y’all just pray for me that this feeling will pass quickly. I can’t afford to stay like this. My children need me to be “super mom” for their sakes. I’m going to pray.

God Bless!


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