WiP Wednesday – The Top-Down Shawl

Normally I would have been done already and have started a new shawl by now but I had to put down my hook for a while. A lot has happened in a week and I am still trying to catch up. Yesterday was a very cool day (compared to the others) and I got caught up on my house work and other chores. I think I over did it because not only did I go to bed early, I woke up this morning groggy. A cup of homemade mocha should do the trick! I did, however, get a few rows in last night before calling it a night. I have about 11 1/2 more rows to do before the fringe. I think it is coming out real well. This is the largest shawl that I have made yet to date. By the time that it is done, it should lay past the edge of my king size bed. That’ll be great for church or on a cool night.

Top-Down Shawl in Pagoda

Top-Down Shawl in Pagoda

After this I will be testing a pattern for Rhondda Mol of Oombawka Design. Sorry, no details until the pattern is released! But you can visit her lovely blog and look at the pretty, pretty pictures! 😀

I am so tired but I have much to do. One of which is braiding my daughters’ hair. THIS is going to be fun. Doesn’t matter how much detangler I use, it is still a chore. Y’all pray that I don’t get my eyes scratched out! (Just kidding!)m Well I am off to do my duties for the day and try to keep the peace before bible study tonight.
Y’all have a great day today! Do something unexpected…walk to a park at lunch or sit out in front of a library and watch the scenery. It will be a refreshing difference from your normal routine.

God Bless!


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