Shawl Crazy!

I’ve been on this shawl kick lately…I guess you can call it a kick. I am working on my third one right now. I don’t think that there will be an end in sight! I finished the Daylight Tweedy Shawl on Sunday. I was a bit distracted towards the end of last week and didn’t get to crochet as much as I wanted to. But here it is! I haven’t sewed in the tails or blocked it as yet. I am still figuring out how to block it properly. I might just hang it over the shower rod and block it that way. I added a trim to it as well in my favorite color, blue. I used Caron Simply Soft in Ocean. Here it is:

Daylight Tweedy Shawl with Trim

Daylight Tweedy Shawl with Trim

It’s folded in half but you get the idea. Here is the other shawl that I am working on right now…again in my favorite color, blue. This color is called Pagoda.

Top-Down Shawl

Top-Down Shawl

This is the Top-Down Shawl. I saved this a while ago when it was first featured on Red Heart website and then the craze happened. Now that I am in need of shawls to wear when I go to church, this went straight on my to-do list for crochet items. It is fairly easy and going by somewhat quickly but I will get it done by Saturday so that it can be blocked and ready for Sunday. I do have a sinking feeling that I added extra stitches and since there is no stitch count noted in the pattern, I won’t know for sure until I have to do the trim. Oh well! I will have to tweak it in order for it to work if that happens. I’m on the 8th of 21 pattern repeats — 26 more rows to do…still a ways to go but it’ll be ready to go with my dress that I am wearing on Sunday..

This is the next shawl on my list. It is called Pineapple Shawl and it can be found on I don’t know what color that I will do in as yet. I may get some inspiration when I run errands tomorrow morning. Since today is fairly cool, overcast and raining, I will be crocheting most of the day until it is time for me to go to bible study tonight. Today is going to be a good day.

Have a great Wednesday!

God Bless!


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