Taking Advantage!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! This heat has been killing me the last few days. The temp on the fridge said 90 deg inner temp and the cicadas have been “chirping/buzzing” (I guess…) almost non-stop. No bueno!

The humidity was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Doing simple tasks around the house was a chore in of itself because as soon as you get out of the sitting position, sweat is running down your face. And then to top it all off, my son keeps complaining that he is hot! What I keep trying to tell him is that if he keeps still in his chair and allow the fan to blow on him, he would get cool. Yeah right! This child is running in and out of the his room and running around in the living room and then sits down only to fan himself saying he’s hot. You know how they say it is not what you say to children but what you do is what they copy…so, I sit as still as possible. My daughter sits right next to me and chills out. My son, he has to be the busy body and run and jump all the time. He has this thing were he hops everywhere saying ‘hop’ every time he hops. When I ask him to sit down because I see him sweating, he says, ” Woo! I’m hot!” Heh, heh. So I tell him to do what I do and sit still but I think he would rather jump all over the place.

My concern is that it is only July and it is crazy hot! August, I believe is called the dog days of Summer, where it is just too hot inside or out to do anything. I don’t want to know what it would be like in this house. I may just spend all day in the children’s room with them and have the a/c on. No joke! I may just bring everything we need into the room and camp out in there for the rest of the month. The only time we would leave the room is to use the bathroom or go to church. It shouldn’t be too bad and by then, I hope,  I should have an a/c in the living room before the craziness takes place.

Last night it rained and this morning it is noticeably cooler. So I am going to take advantage of this cooler day to relax. The children won’t be so antsy and I can actually rest. Maybe we all can take a nap together….we’ll see! I hope you all a great rest of your week and stay safe in the heat.

God Bless!

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4 thoughts on “Taking Advantage!

  1. Smiling here 🙂
    If hot, try filling a bucket with cold water and putting your feet in. It is refreshing!
    I tried it once when visiting friends who didn’t have the a/c and was close to 40 degrees celsius… I am sure your kids will love it too! 😉
    It really works


    • I will try that! I may just sit in the bathroom because if my children catch wind of water in the living room, they would want to splash and play it in and it would be a total DISASTER! Heh heh 😀


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