Census, Church and Randomness

This morning I finally filled out the census form that was sent to the house a couple of days ago, Monday I think. Yesterday I got a notice in the mail strongly urging me to fill out the census or they were going to “send someone to the house” (<–in my spooky voice). I guess the first notice they sent was to do it online. I must have skimmed over that while taking the notice to the paper recycling bag next to the garbage can. What?! I figured they were mailing me a form to fill out as they do every year! And they did. But it was just funny that two days after the paper census form reached me that the second notice came. Oh well! I just hope no one comes to the house tomorrow or Saturday looking to collect information because they will kindly to that it is in the mail. Heh heh!

Anyways, how is it with everyone today? I hope all is well and AWESOME! πŸ˜€ I have had such a great week so far. I attended a wonderful church, Laurel Baptist Church, on Sunday and went to bible study last night. This morning I was visited by the pastor’s wife and another member of the church — which was an even bigger surprise! So far, I have been completely satisfied with everything that I have seen and taken in. Bible study was an even bigger surprise for me as well, it was interactive, which I like because you can have the chance to discuss what is being taught. The nursery is great as well. My kids loved it! Last night when I was in class, the kids had a puppet show about Noah and the Ark. They had other activities for the children as well. When my son is steadily talking about the time spent in the nursery (now mind you, it was only twice, Sunday and last night) he really enjoyed himself. They were sooooo happy when they left and that made the trip home that much better. If anyone reading is in the Charlotte area, you are welcome to come and join us in worship. If you’d rather view the services online, that option is available as well. Just hover over the ‘Media’ tab on the home page and click on ‘Live Streaming Services‘ on Sundays. They also have past services for you view as well.

You ever have those days that you wake up and you feel like you’ve been hit with a brick? I woke up feeling like that this morning and I am still wondering why I feel that way. I went to bed early last night, shortly after midnight but woke up feeling drained. It could be from staying up until 4 am the night before…I don’t know. Right now I am drinking some double strong English Breakfast Tea hoping that it will wake me up. I don’t want that jolt coffee gives you, I’d rather wake up gradually. Plus, the coffee that I have here makes my eyes zing, if you know what I mean. Weird, I know, but imagine drinking a latte with 3 extra shots. I don’t need that feeling right now. It’s too hot!

I hope everyone is having a FAN-tabulous Thursday. The weekend is almost here. πŸ™‚ Be safe!

God Bless!


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