You Know What Today Is…WiP Wednesday!!

Well my friends, I have started and finished some commissions and have also started a new project. My two eldest sons have asked me to make them beanies as well. I had made some for my dad and they took two of his. My dad has since asked for some new ones. But my eldest texted me to ask for his own. They requested their own colors….this is the end result

For my eldest "Little Chef"

For my eldest “Little Chef”

For my second eldest "Lil' lil' Chef"

For my second eldest “Lil’ lil’ Chef”

I used the pattern by Sarah A. called the Solid DC Skully. Both versions of the hat were included in the pattern. I used Bernat Handcraftier Cotton to make the beanies. I must say that I have a new found appreciation for cotton and when I get the chance, I will stock up on cotton yarn. It is easy to work with though it is a bit rough on my fingers. Nothing Udder Butter won’t fix!

I started working on my first doily the other day. I must say it is really fun. I remember when I was little, I used to watch my mom make doilies for the house. I would watch her get frustrated at the thread and tiny needle while she worked. She never gave up though because we had TONS of doilies in the house….at least that is what it looked like to me. When I went to JoAnns for the first time, a few months ago, I picked up this book on doilies.

Annie's Doilies in Color

Annie’s Doilies in Color

At the time I didn’t have any of the smaller hooks so I bought a couple as well. I haven’t really attempted anything in the book until a few days ago. I chose to do this one because it was the first easiest one in the book and it didn’t have too much going on….or so I thought!

Where I was 3 days ago

Where I was 3 days ago

The pattern is called Marigolds. I used what I had on hand. I had some white and black thread but I wanted color. This is what I had. This is Bernat size 5 thread in Misty Grey. I mention the size because when I got to round 9 in the pattern and I had to make the popcorn clusters (the round after this one shown above) I was wondering why mine looked so “tight”. I was using the wrong thread! It asked for size 10 thread and I was using a thread twice as thick. I still like it so I am going to continue. This is where I stopped off last night…start of round 11.

Where I stopped last night

Where I stopped last night

I should have been done with the pattern by tonight but I had to frog round 10 because I left out a set of clusters in each one. I wasn’t too pleased with that. Getting three clusters in that small space was hard enough! What I am going to do is block it and spray fabric stiffener on it and then frame it. I don’t have the space in this house to display it properly and I don’t want the kids to mess with it either. I am going to make more of this pattern and make a collage of pictures. That will be a nice focal point in the house. These walls are drab as it is!

Well that is all for now. Off to make lunch for my two munchkins!

God Bless!

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3 thoughts on “You Know What Today Is…WiP Wednesday!!

  1. Beanies are both great. Think is great you made them in cotton. On the outside they look great and are more comfortable this way, I think. Doily is beautiful as well. You are one hack of a woman dear. You run the household, blog… and find time to make all these wonderful things. Congratulations.


    • I’m a VAMMM-pire! Lol! No, I just stay up real late crocheting after the kids go to bed. I blog while the kids are eating breakfast. If I am not done by the time they are finished eating, I send them to their room to go and play in their toy box. That usually keeps them occupied long enough for me to do what I need to!


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