God is Good/WiP Wednesday

Last week as some of you may know, I fasted for three days. Within those days I took the time that I would have spent on the computer and used it to spend more time in the word of God and prayer. It was a difficult three days but I made it. One thing that I will say about this experience is that I have seen a definite change in one of the major issues in my life. The complete turn around is quite astonishing and all I can do is say, “Thank you Lord. It is only You that can make what was once thought to be a dead end (my marriage) to something of hope.” Some people may not believe in God, (I’m not mad atcha, I’ll just pray for your eyes to be opened…I still love you anyway!) and because they don’t believe they feel that talking to an “imaginary” person is a sign of schizophrenia. If you have a relationship with God or even have a strong sense of the spiritual realm, you will know what I am saying to be true.

God can work miracles in your life if you truly believe…not second guessing for a moment. Fasting can deepen our relationship with him while making the effect of our prayer that much stronger. Sacrificing food, time away from leisurely things and focusing your energies to God is rewarding in several ways. You will get that deepened relationship, as I have said, your prayers will be answered in ways you could never imagine and you will get the desires of your heart. Don’t just think of God as a religion but a friend who knows you inside and out and DESPITE all you do, will love you unconditionally. I do hope you reconsider how you view God. Your life will never be the same!

As for my current projects that I have working on that is taking up most of my time is this afghan/blanket that I am working on. I found this awesome place mat set by one of bloggers that I follow named Cricket (her blog). She used a beautiful stitch, very simple, and the end result made a beautiful texture. I decided to use the stitch for my afghan. She didn’t know the name of it nor did the person she found the stitch from. Needless to say, that didn’t stop me from trying to find out. I searched for weeks and I happened to come across a photo similar to the stitch I was using the other day. The original stitch is called the Leaf Stitch. It consists of two single crochet in the same stitch and then skipping a stitch. This pattern repeats for the rest of the project and you are left with a piece that looks like tiny leaves. The stitch we have used is a variant of the stitch and it produces a canted leaf pattern. It is lovely to look at and the yarn that I am using (Red Heart With Love) loves the stitch as well! Here it is…my bed is a king size so you have an idea as to how big it is.

My blanket in the making...still have a ways to go!

My blanket in the making…still have a ways to go!

There is going to be a lot of changing of colors and as of right now the pattern is in an “organic” stage, I have changed my mind as to how the colors need to be placed at least 3 – 4 times already. But a pattern is being written at the same time. I hope to be finished soon. I love how soft it feels and the anticipation to wrap it around myself is killing me!

I am also working on a gift for a friend of mine. She just became a grandmother! I used to party with her when I was living in Germany. She’s very cool peeps and I love her to death! So on a whim, I am making a newborn set for the little bundle of joy! I won’t post pics until after she gets it because it is still a surprise. I will say this, I have a new appreciation for the cone of yarn that the Peaches and Creme (yes, I know it is discontinued but I can still get it at Walmart…don’t know if it is on the online store though. You are welcomed to find out though!) comes on because I have made several items for the baby and I probably used just under half of what is on the cone already. To think I was going to buy two!! I can’t wait for her to get it!

I also sent off my first commissions my dad wanted. He asked for beanies and I made three. When he got them he was pleased with them. My two oldest sons loved them as well and stole two from my dad! So now I have to make him two more and he ordered some items for the Winter as well! He says he has a design made up already so all I have to do is get the yarn colors he requested and crochet away! Scarf and some hats and I am going to throw in some convertible gloves (the ones that you can pull the tips off — their name escapes me now) for free. My dad works outside a lot and aside from having a chrome dome, he is getting up there in age. Anything to keep him toasty warm!

Well I am off now to feed the children their 2nd lunch (they eat as much as Hobbits!) and crochet until it is time for me to cook dinner. I am making tuna helper tonight and don’t know how well they will take it. So as a backup I have roasted chicken and rice…they chowed down on it last night! Wish me luck!

God Bless!




8 thoughts on “God is Good/WiP Wednesday

  1. I love your crochet! The colours look so lovely and warm. The hook you are using is interesting too, I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before. Crochet is so obsessive, don’t you think? šŸ˜€


    • Thanks! The hook is actually an ergonomic handle made by Boye. I don’t hold my hook in the traditional ways. It was too awkward for me but crocheting as much as I do takes a toll on my wrist. It’s a thick rubber handle and I don’t have my fingers and hand cramp up or tire when I use it. Takes a little getting used to. Awesome for the traditional holds as well. I paid about $6 for this one, including tax.


      • Ahh, that’s a good hook then! I crochet differently to others I think. Because I predominantly knit, that is how I use a crochet hook. I hold the yarn in my right hand and ‘throw’ it round the hook tip. I just can’t get hold of doing it ‘normally.’ Ah well, whatever works for us!


    • I know! When you can visually see, it makes you want to get closer to Him and thank Him even more for all that He has done.

      The blanket, I hope to be finished by the end of summer. Since this is my own blanket, I am not in a rush.


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