Three days later and a lot of frogging (that word is so funny! Sounds like something you would do…ahem…well you know!) I finally finished the CAL for this month. It works up pretty quickly but if you aren’t paying attention…as I found out the hard way….you will skip a step and won’t realize it until you reach the same point in the next round. There are places in the pattern to lengthen it but I kept it short since I will just be using it as a poncho. I also omitted the elastic waist band and opted to sew ribbon on the outside with a complementing color instead. Maybe a chocolate brown. It will help keep the top from stretching with use and add a pop of color. This is still considered a WiP until it’s done.

The Shimmer Skirt or Poncho by Doris Chan

The Shimmer Skirt or Poncho by Doris Chan

The next time that I make one of these I will use a more shimmery or metallic yarn. I used Red Heart With Love in Aran…so soft! Patons just came out with this new yarn, Metallic, that I am dying to try out once I can afford to get a bulk of skeins. It would look so pretty and would be great for an evening out.

My friend in Germany just became a grandmother! She is so beautiful and I am going to make a something for the baby and am going to use this pattern by Debi as the starter. I’ll make a set out of it so that Miss Little Cutie Patootey has an ensemble to wear when out and about in the German streets!

After all the all the crocheting, I realized that the hooks are a bit too small for me and I got an ergo grip today at Walmart.

Boye Ergo Aluminum Crochet Handle

Boye Ergo Aluminum Crochet Handle

I’m going to try it out tonight and see how it goes.

I finished my commissions this week as well and they are ready to be shipped. They are in some cute white gift boxes and tied with a small blue ribbon. I have to put them in shipping boxes so they won’t get crushed but it will be a nice surprise when they open up the packing box. I also have some potential commissions for July as well. House shoes, two patriotic vests for dogs and some pot holders….all from the same person. Hopefully I hear from them today. We still have to go over the details of what they are looking for and how much it will be. The 4th is coming up quick!

Well that is all for now. Going to play with my new handle and start on the bonnet. See you folks on the flip side!

God Bless!



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