T.G.I.H (Thank God I’m Home!)

The two or three times a month that I run around doing errands has always been a good day for me. I thoroughly enjoy going out with the kids because they help me shop. When it comes time to check out, they scramble to get groceries on the conveyor belt, not caring what they pick up, only to rearrange it to how it should be.

Today was not one of those good days. I forgot my meds (allergy) and had to go back for it. Then I forgot my debit card when I went to purchase a money order and had to go back. The kids were moody despite my efforts to keep them busy. I got them a cheap rubix cube at the dollar store and that worked for maybe 5 min. When I thought I was done, I found out I forgot some stuff and had to go back out. I was starved and and exhausted.

But, there was a silver lining in all of this. I got home, feet killing me, and made the kids a fruit salad. Watermelon, mango, banana and orange made for a sweet healthy treat. I was pleased. They got a huge serving and all I heard was silence. Sweet silence. I went to my room and thanked God. After a day like today, I was ready to pull out my hair.

Thank God I’m Home!

Now that I’ve relaxed for a bit, I gotta go and make dinner. Everyone enjoy your weekend and be safe!

God Bless!


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