My Current Projects….

In the crochet community we normally show our work(s) in progress on Wednesday but I will share today instead. Next week should better!

Last week I posted about the WiPs that I had…well, I have just added another one! Why? Well my daughter is always wrapping teddy bears or baby dolls in the blanket that she sleeps with and I am constantly having to put them in the wash. I’m washing several of her blankets a week because of this. So to end it once and for all, I decided to crochet her a blanket for her baby dolls. One that I won’t mind that she has all over the floor. I’m using Red Heart Baby Soft yarn and a G-hook. I’m using a HDC stitch. I guess it is a FLO because instead of putting my hook here,

The correct way....

The correct way….

I put it here…

My way....

My way….

It still looks good to me. There is a ridge forming because of it and it gives it a cool texture. I am going to add a hood as well once I get the main body finished. I’ll share the pattern once I am done. Here are some progress pics. I stopped at row 30 last night…I’m almost done with it.

When I started

When I started

Close up of the stitches

Close up of the stitches

At row 28…I stopped at row 30 last night

My yarn came in today! I got some Red Heart Sport weight yarn in different colors and also some cotton yarn for my dad’s skull caps that I am making for him. The Red Heart was a bit smaller than what I expected but it’s ok…I got them to build my stash. I might make some hats or something out of them…I’ll see!

Creme de la Creme in White, Black and Cream

Creme de la Creme in White, Black and Cream

Red Heart Sport - in various colors

Red Heart Sport – in various colors

That is all for the day…I’m going to continue to work on the blanket and get the body finished by tonight. Other than that, it is going to be a lazy day.

Oh! Before I forget… my kids found a spider on the ceiling and were trying to swat at it by throwing their shoes. They came and got me and asked me to get it with my flip flops. So I got on the coffee table and swatted at it and I missed. It dropped down on its web and hung at eye level. I got some other shoes and went to get at it and I missed again (YES, my hand eye coordination sucks!). Now I don’t know where it went…it’s somewhere. I just hope it’s not poisonous! Wish us luck!

God Bless!


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