Change of Tune

When you are put in a position where you need to put your foot down, regardless of the circumstance, it needs to be done. If not, you will allow whatever it is to walk all over you and rule your world. I am not in the business of that.

I cut my hair a while ago just the same way I cut some people out of my life. I had gone through my Facebook of friends and started deleting. So far no one has noticed and that is a good sign. I still need to go through again and delete some more since they are not providing me anything to learn from. You are only as strong as the people you have around you. The next day, I cut my hair. It has been a very long time since I cut my hair and I was surprised to see how I looked. I am not the skinniest person in the world so the haircut wasn’t too flattering (in my eyes) but it needed to be done. Cutting my hair was changing the way I looked at myself. The physical change alone was remarkable. Every time I snipped, I felt boulders drop down into the sink. The more I cut, the lighter I felt and the lighter I felt, the more I smiled.

My husband dropped by a day or two later (just to change his clothes) and asked me if I had someone cut my hair. I told him no. I did it myself. He asked why and I told him it needed to be done. Didn’t hear anything about it again. The next transformation will be my body. Once it is safe for me to work out again, I will be hitting the gym. Hopefully that will be next year when the kids start school. I am hoping before then if I can go back to school myself.

Daily I am transforming my mind by reading God’s word. Some people do not believe in God, some people think there are more than just one god, or they think that it is just a religion and there are those who simply don’t care. My relationship, relationship, with God is not about religion. It is about my one-on-one with Him and Him alone. It is with Him that I have the strength to get up in the morning when society tells me that I should be bleak about my situation. It is with Him that I can handle the kids even though it gets frustrating sometimes by myself. It is with Him that I can handle the ignorant way that I am being treated. Yes I get mad sometimes, or upset at others because they cannot be true to their word, inaction (which to me is the worst),  or rather believe the lies that have been told about me. It’s ok. They are the way that they are and you know what, I still truly love them anyway. My relationship with God has enabled me to do so. If it wasn’t for Him….

But that doesn’t mean that I have to subject myself to their shenanigans. Exit stage left…Me and the kids are Audi 500! Call me mean all you want but I don’t want that type of influence around the kids or myself. Money cannot buy you love and affection. So I am going to change my tune. Some people won’t like it but then they are not walking in my shoes or see how their actions are affect the kids and I. I think that it is only fair.

My priority is the kids and their welfare, getting myself on a better track that the one I have been on (not a grass is greener scenario), and making sure to keep the people who genuinely care about our welfare close. It’s hard because my friends are scattered all over the country but a simple phone call usually corrects that. When the time presents itself, we’ll all be chilling together again reminiscing about old times and catching up on each others news.

Well I am off to relax myself. I just got back from the VA Hospital for an appointment and was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the I-85S in a construction zone. I’m pooped!

I hope y’all had a great Memorial day weekend. See y’all tomorrow. I sharing a few recipes for some awesome fried chicken….or how to fry chicken properly. Bis dann!

God Bless!



4 thoughts on “Change of Tune

  1. Interesting blog post. I went through my FB and deleted loads of people of it. It honestly made me feel so much better. Every so often I feel like I need a massive clear out in all areas of my life, e.g. social, stuff, etc. Hope you have a relaxing evening 🙂


    • It did feel good. For the rest of the week, I blocked certain numbers from calling me so that I can have some peace. If they want to get in touch, they can pass by. Let me know you truly care, ya know?


  2. So glad you are focusing you YOU. We need to do that more often, and take care of ourselves FIRST. I cut 6 inches off of my hair a few days after my gall bladder surgery last month, and LOVED it. It’s all growing back, but cleaning up your life after “events” just brings a clearer perspective to our lives.

    I don’t believe in God, I believe in the Universe, and throw things out to it daily. I love that you believe in your God, and just because I don’t believe and you do doesn’t mean we can’t share all of our good stuff. 🙂 I like “like minded” people that just want to grow spiritually on their own terms.

    Keep moving forward and all things good will keep coming to you. xoxo


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