I’ve been semi-busy with my crochet. But I have accumulated a ton of WiPs in the process. I see things that I want to do and…poof!…a new project is started. Here are my WiPs:

The squares for a throw I’m making.


Granny Squares in Progress

This is the pattern for cowl that I am making for my mom. I saw it at the local Hobby Lobby here in Charlotte.



And here is the progress…


Mom's Cowl

The sparkly closeup…


Paton's Lace Sequin in Crystal

My brick stitch belt that I started using size 5 crochet thread. I’m thinking of scrapping this one and use the thread for something else. Right now it’s going very slowly….


Bernat Handicrafter in Misty Grey

I am also making a buddy for my son using a pattern from Rhondda Mol called Drew’s Little Monster. My first go at amigurumi and it’s not as bad as I thought. I didn’t have the safety eyes so I crocheted two instead. After I was done, I realized those eyes won’t work. My son would chew them off (he likes to chew on soft things) and could choke. So I stopped and here is what it looks like so far.


Drew's Little Monster by Rhondda Mol of 'Oombawka Design - Completely Hooked'

I started these headbands last night. Since I cut my hair (will share tomorrow), I needed something to keep the hair out of my face. I had downloaded this pattern a while back and it’s simple to make. Found it in Ravelry. It’s called The Genius Headband by The Lovely Crow. I’ve made a few already and stopped in the middle of making this one.


The Genius Headband by The Lovely Crow

So those are all the WiPs I have. I’ll probably show the stuff I have finished on Friday.

Y’all have a good hump day!

God Bless!


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