False Advertisements

Last week Friday, in hopes of lowering the household bills, I decided to get rid of the current internet service that I had and bundle with my TV. They have been advertising that anyone could get internet service…anywhere…even in the rural parts of the country. I thought since I lived in a big city it should be no problem. Heh, what a mistake!

I did as I normally did on the biweekly paydays and paid the bills and went grocery shopping. The money that would have went to the internet bill went to groceries instead. (It’s always a good idea to have a stocked pantry) When I got to the house and called my TV provider, they told me that I didn’t have internet service in my area. Surprisingly, I wasn’t upset but when I got off the phone I was hot! Why would they advertise that existing and new customers could get internet service anywhere… anywhere…in the country?!

Knowing that they don’t have coverage like that and still saying they can, I have lost all respect for the company. If I had the money to, I would cancel my contract and go with their competitor. What angers me is that for the top package, I will still pay less and have more channels than their rival. It’s a good deal! I had them for a few years when I was living in Tennessee and was always happy with their services. Now it’s a joke!

Now I have to wait a few more days before I can get my internet turned back on. The excitement of saving $20/month has now gone down the drain. I should’ve called the provider first. But with ads like that coming from I company I’ve trusted for years, I shouldn’t have to.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson on that one. Luckily, I have the Word Press app on my phone so I can still post. Can’t do what I would like. (Which sucks!) I do still get to read my blogs that I follow so that is a good thing. Y’all have a great day and don’t let them ads fool you! :p

God Bless!


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