Last week I was watching/listening to the TV late one night and I saw a commercial from Norelco. If you haven’t seen it, this guy is shaving in the mirror trying to figure out what kind of look he wanted. It’s a humorous commercial and I stopped crocheting to watch it. Well this time I was surprised. In the end, when he was done he looks into the mirror and said, “I’d #### me.” My jaw dropped. Even though they blurred his mouth and beeped it out, they figured that it was ok. I’m sorry but this is not acceptable.

Society is going down the drain. We are desensitized to violence, being terrorized by our own government and we are unaware, being introduced to drug enhanced food products…and so on. No matter how hard we try to change the things around us it won’t make a difference. The people who have the power to change it are the same people who control all the money. Those that control the money like it just the way it is.

There is a silver lining. We have the power to control certain things in our lives and if we can learn to know what doesn’t sit right within us and avoid it. Now when that commercial comes on, I change the channel. I won’t buy Norelco products either (not that I have before but I was thinking about it as a present to my husband).

I’m at the point right now that I want to get rid of my TV. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I’m going back to my crochet. Y’all have a great day.

God Bless!


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