It’s a Sims 3 Kinda Day

I don’t know about you, but I am a Sims HEAD! Ever since I played years ago when my sister first introduced me to the game, I have been hooked. From The Sims all the way up to The Sims 3, I have most of the games. The only ones that I don’t have is Medeval and the ones that come after Supernatural. I play for fun and for therapeutic reasons. Therapeutic, you say? Yes.

When I was in the military and one of the NCOs were using their authoritative power against me, I would go back to my barracks room/apartment and create a Sim that would look like them and do all sorts of things to it. I would have them drown in a pool, let them starve, live in squalor, start a fire for them to get burned or have them get electrocuted. Yeah it was bad at one point. When you are against people who play the “game” on a daily basis to get what you want, you need a stress reliever.

But the main reason why I got into the game so much is that you can design and decorate houses. I love architecture and I wanted to be an architect since my high school had career day. We had an architect come into the class and talk about what he does on a daily basis. I can’t remember what he looked like or exactly what he said, but all I know is that it stuck with me. When I left the military, I decided to go back to school. I was pregnant at the time and the only option to study architecture was to go on campus. It was an hour away from the house and to lug all my books and projects around with a pregnant belly was not an option. I chose interior design. I could do it from home, take care of the house and when they were born, the kids. It was close enough to architecture that it satisfied my creative side. I got to work with cool programs like Google Sketch and AutoCAD, I got to paint, draw and build…total awesomeness! I had to stop due financial reasons and still have a year and a half left before I get my bachelors.

I hate that my education isn’t finished but I am still grateful. I found a love for crochet. Plus, I can use my crochet skills to help design an interior. So it’s all good! Even though crochet gives me the same stress relievers as The Sims, I still miss creating oh-so-awsome pads! With that, I am gonna play my Sims!

God Bless!


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