Pay Day Activities

Today was a good day. I took the kids out early and went grocery shopping and paid the bills. They always want to help me pick out things…mainly the wrong things…but they are a great help none-the-less. I love it especially when we go to yarn and craft stores. I get to see what types of yarn they gravitate too. Sometimes they even argue amongst themselves about which one is better. Today was no different.

After coming back from the grocery store, I quickly put away all the food that needed to be chilled and headed right back out of the door. I wanted to take them to JoAnns. I found one pretty close to the house. It was about a 20 min drive. The ride to the store was pretty great as well. They weren’t fighting or screaming as usual. Both of them were looking out their windows checking out the scenery and commenting on it. It was great! My son loved going under and on the bridge connectors (I haven’t the slightest as to what they are called) and called out, yay, every time we went under or on one. He pointed out planes, helicopters and dump trucks and my daughter just agreed with him since they were seeing the same thing.

When we got there, he asks me if he could help me pick out yarn. I told him yes, as usual. I wasn’t planning on getting anything while we were there. It was just a recon mission for myself. But I got a cart anyway just to see what he would get. He picked up this wonderful crochet thread that was dyed in warm blues and grey. He also picked up some über soft yarn that looked like feathers. They both had a ball in the store. I wished that I took a picture of the cart. He’s got a unique taste in yarn. But, I forgot my camera in the car.

But we had to go and right on cue he started to cry. My daughter was sitting in the cart like Chilly Willy. I had a great time with the kids and I love exposing them to all things creative. That way when they get older and hit their teenage angst, they have a constructive outlet…heh heh.

Also, auf wiedersehen! Bis Montag!

God Bless!


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