Wacky Weather/Adventures in Potty Training

I am not a fan of the weather anymore. When I was younger something new about the weather was going on, I was enthralled. I remember my brothers and I watching the heavy rain for hours — not saying a word to each other and eventually taking a nap after a while. I also remember watching it rain across the street while the side I was on was dry as a bone and sunny. I remember the first snow during Thanksgiving and not in the middle of January.  I miss when we had actual seasons and you knew it was time to put winter clothes away. Right now it is cold and wet….colder than normal. Last week was nice and warm, the way it should be. Now I am in a sweater, the heat is on and I don’t know whether I should put away any of our winter clothes as yet.

“Lord, please give us warm weather!!!”

Potty training. Hmm. I didn’t do it with my first two boys so I missed all the antics that come along. Well now that I have my last son, I kinda wish that I could skip this part. It is funny in its own right but sometimes it can be downright frustrating…especially now that I am teaching him that boo-booing in the toilet doesn’t take a few seconds. The week before last was adventurous. Before I bought pull-ups a few days ago, I wanted to make sure that he was consistently going to the toilet to pee. (Men: It is very important for your sons to watch you use the toilet. It makes a lot of sense, y’all have the same parts!)  He’s was at a point where he was dry all day, except for naps of course. He didn’t wear a pamper at all during the day at home. He had 2 accidents and after that he would rush to the toilet to pee. Even when he did have pampers on, they would be dry as a bone. Anyway, teaching him how to boo-boo in the toilet has been very messy. The first time he did, I was in the kitchen washing dishes. He ran to the bathroom yelling “I gotta go boo-boo mommy!” I said to him ok and to sit on the toilet until I get there. I only had a few more dishes to wash and didn’t think that he would be done before then. Boy, I was sorry.

I walked into the bathroom to see him with toilet paper in his hand trying to wipe his butt. (He’s only 3) I went to look in the toilet and saw a WIDE skid mark on the seat and a “boulder” in the bowl. I turn around and he is holding up his hand saying, “Mommy, I have boo-boo on my finger. I need to wash my hands”. I said ok let me clean this up first. So I went back in the kitchen and got the Clorox wipes and started cleaning. All the while, he has got his finger in the air. Then I went to get the baby wipes to clean him up. Man! I fixed him up and we went over to the sink to wash his hands. All the while I am talking to him about the importance of following directions, that toilet paper is not for kids, and that he did a good job with the toilet.

I didn’t laugh at all during the whole ordeal but when I called my mom to tell her about his potty training progress, I cried laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing. Tears were running down my face, sentences weren’t finished and there were some parts that were unintelligible. I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time that even after the phone call I was still laughing about it.

Parenthood is funny!

God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Wacky Weather/Adventures in Potty Training

  1. Hilarious! I, too, am on the run with potty-training & have also had lovely poop-paintings to marvel at & clean…for some reason my munchkin has decided that the potty is only for wee & #2’s should be carried out directly beside the potty…on the mat…ach! Elternschaft ist urkomisch! =O)


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