Adventures in Blogging & Dog Issues


Today I wanted to talk about my husband wanting to get a puppy and as I was getting myself ready to start typing, this happens:

I made myself a large cup of tea. I love tea. I drink tea all day everyday. My favorite teas to drink are green, Earl Grey and Pomegranate. I sit the cup on my coaster next to the computer and decided to take some pictures of my cats to add to the post. With that said and done, I took the SD card out to stick it in the laptop. The port is at the bottom left and I had to turn the laptop over (it’s sitting at an angle) to get to it and spilled the piping hot cup all over the computer desk. Needless to say that there was a HUGE mess that I had to clean up. A good thing is that my computer desk has a glass top which is fairly easy to clean (…but gets fingerprints and smudges easily). So I rush to get a dark towel (tea will stain…I learned the hard way) to sop up the tea on the desk and the floor. My phone, my mouse and pad, and some important papers got wet. Luckily, the papers didn’t get too wet since I snatched them up first…but for everything else, it wasn’t too pretty. I shut my phone off to prevent any further damage until I could get it in some rice (btw: if you didn’t know, if for any reason you get your phone wet, place it in a bowl or baggie of rice and leave overnight and in the morning, it will be as good as new. Just discard the rice when you are done. If you can’t get to rice, turn it off until you can and wrap it in paper towel or a cloth until you can get it in some rice.), picked up the mouse and put the pad in the sink. I wiped up as much tea as I could before going to get the mop.

I get the mop ready and I hear my 2½ year old sing out “Mommy, my milk spill!” I think to myself, how in the world did her milk spill? She was sitting in her chair drinking it. I come out of the kitchen to see the back of my chair butt up against her back and her frozen in a shocked position. Apparently, when I spilled the tea I rolled back into her and she spilled some of her milk. So I laughed on the inside and told her, “I’ll clean it up in a second. It’s ok.” She says, “Ok mommy”, and continues to drink it her milk. The clean up was uneventful. Just passed over the floor with the mom to get up the residual tea that was left.  Then I cleaned the computer table and put everything back in its proper place.

So now, I am sitting here trying to relax and calm down from the unexpected activity. Whew! As I was so rudely interrupted before, I’m going to talk about the issue at hand.

I am not a dog person, not one bit! Before you condemn me, I have tried on multiple occasions having dogs. I just can’t deal with it. I have a lot to do already and having a dog is just too much work. My husband loves animals. I joke around and call him Dr. Dolittle. At one point, we had 19 pets. We had 3 dogs, 6 cats, 6 aquatic animals, 3 ferrets and a 10 yr old iguana that was 5½ ft. long from head to tail. The only problem I had was with the dogs. They would poop everywhere! No matter if we put pads down or not! It was ridiculous. I would have to constantly stop what I was doing to take them out and in the morning I would find poop in the living room. I hated it. We had carpet in the old house and my husband would be lazy and not clean it up the proper way and I would have to go behind him and scrub the carpet. We have small children and they love to roll around and play on the carpet. He thought it was ok….yeah until we have to take one or both to the hospital for accidentally ingesting the ‘remains’ on the carpet. It was just too much for me.

We have had a puppy, we have had grown dogs and multiple dogs all at different times and it’s just not my bag baby. I love cats. They take care of themselves. All I have to do is clean the litter box and feed and water them (or give them milk on occasion) and I’m done. They come up when they want some lovin’ and when they don’t, they go about their business. They are easy to take care of. We have Felix:



Felix is a Russian Blue that my husband purchased when I was a few months pregnant with our first child. He’s going to be 4 years old this summer. He’s a little fatty (ever since he was neutered) but is great with the kids and keeps to himself. Then we have Penny:



Penny is an Orange Tabby that we found one morning. My husband and I went to Cracker Barrel to eat breakfast and when we were leaving we saw her walking around. She was just born, her eyes weren’t fully matured. He picked her up and I went inside to ask if they had a house kitten. The lady at the register said no and at that moment we adopted her. We went straight to PetSmart and bought her all kinds of toys and then to the vet to make sure she was ok. She stayed in our room until she was old enough to be around Felix. She isn’t spayed and we may not since Felix is fixed. But when she goes into heat…lawd….that is the most weirdest thing I have ever seen! She’s done it twice so far. Luckily it only lasts about a week.

But my husband wants a pug….and a puppy at that. I can’t do it. He says he’ll be the one to take care of it but who do you think will actually do it? Me. I don’t have the patience to potty train a puppy nor take it out every hour to go pee and poop outside. That isn’t me at all. My husband always makes a promise that he will wake up early or in the middle of the night to take the dog out but he doesn’t. He’ll do it for a couple of days and then that’ll be it. He wouldn’t even get up in the middle of the night when the kids were infants…which would have helped me out tremendously! He complained that he had to get up to go to work early. At the time he was still in the military and had to get up at 4 am. I told him that when I had my first child in the military, I was alone, no one to help me and I had to get up and do everything. I still got my son ready to go to daycare and got to PT on time! I did this everyday! So he couldn’t tell me nothing!

So why do I feel so guilty when I tell him that I don’t want a puppy? I know he loves dogs but he won’t keep up his end of the bargain to take care of it when he is home.

Y’all please help!

God Bless!



2 thoughts on “Adventures in Blogging & Dog Issues

  1. I checked out this blog as I promised. Your tale was funny, but since I hate dogs and cats in the house, I’m not much help to you. When I was little, my Dad and brothers really wanted a dog, but mom felt like (I think most homemakers) a dog was too much work and belonged OUTSIDE.
    So that is the compromise I would suggest for you to give a little to your hubby. I don’t know if that works for a pug. Dad had an Irish Setter mutt…beautiful “Patches” and a great playmate for my 4 brothers and me.
    So, Patches made wonderful memories for us, but he never came into our home. We did have a detached garage with a animal door entry…so I think that also helped. We lived in New England at that time, so even in winter, the barn (garage) was good enough for animals, including dogs! 🙂
    My younger brother brought home a St Bernard when he was older. The same rule met him at the door. Mom was happy to entertain the grandchildren, but never would animals enter her home!
    I gave in and “dog-sat” a toy poodle for 6 years one time. She was docile but as she became older, she lost control of necessities. That made me fence her in the kitchen only! I have to admit that I had a big heart and did it as a favor for friends serving overseas, but I would definitely decline any generosity now.
    So, hopefully, you find a solution that allows peace to reign in your home!
    Good to meet you in Blogland.
    IF you enjoy reading for fun, or just looking at photos, I try to keep exploits of my new hobby, plus more at:
    I also journal my spiritual trek of mountains & valleys in life at:

    Thank you for your “God bless!”. May He be very Present in your life!


    • I am thinking about the same things as well…keeping the dog outside but if he gets a puppy, we can’t keep it outside just yet. We are going to have to have a serious talk about it. Especially since we are on a tight budget as is, a new animal might not be the best choice.

      Thanks for checking me out and thanks for sharing your blogs as well. I will definitely be checking out Climbing to the High Calling. Being a Christian, it is wonderful to fellowship with others. You always learn something new.

      He is my ever present help, especially in times of trouble.


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