Crochet Projects

A couple of days ago, I started a new project. My mom wanted me to make her a scarf after she saw the shawl that I made for my daughter. I had gone to Hobby Lobby to see what type of yarn that they had and saw that they had some free patterns up. I chose a lovely long scarf pattern and a cowl pattern. After showing my mom, she decided on the cowl. So until I get the funds to get the yarn that I want, I am practicing with the yarn that I have here. Here’s what I have so far.

Practice CowlI still have a ways to go. The total width needs to be about 12 inches. In search for some yarn stores, I found some great ones online that I want to check out tomorrow. There was also a free pattern featured on one of the sites; though I don’t know how to read it. It looks like straight gibberish. Here is the PDF and if any of my fellow crocheters and knitter can read it, please translate it in to “English”! Heh, heh, heh. The PDF is from which was linked to Charlotte Yarn‘s homepage. The other place that I found here in the Charlotte area is Yarn House, right in the historical NoDa (North Davidson) district. I want to find the perfect yarn for my mom…something nice and soft. I’m going to have some fun tomorrow!

The other project that I started last night was my hubby’s beanie cap.

Hubby's beanie

I got the pattern here on Crochet Geek‘s YouTube page. They also have a page on Google+ as well. All of her patterns are for free there are TONS of tutorials from beginner to expert. I’m making it out of some yarn that I had so I know what to do when I find the yarn that I want. The hat should be done before the cowl only because the cowl has 120 stitches per row. Geez!

Well I am off to make beautiful things….until Monday.

God Bless!


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