My First Large-ish Crochet Project

My daughter's shawl

My daughter’s shawl

My daughter in her shawlIMG_20130413_185351_746 IMG_20130413_185340_316 IMG_20130413_185403_805 IMG_20130412_145951_285 IMG_20130412_145923_849

So I found this beautiful pattern on Belle Monde Handmade (a blog here on WordPress) called All Shawl by Doris Chan and decided to make one for my daughter as a start. Well as you can see that it didn’t come out exactly as it looked in the picture but my daughter is still happy. The pattern doesn’t call for a button but seeing as my 2 year old wouldn’t know to keep tabs on her shawl while she is out and about, I added one. I didn’t have an actual button but used a flower saved from my wedding and sewn a loop in the back to pull the yarn through. I say it looks fab!

Though I do realize my stitches do not look as they are supposed to so if you have any tips as to make it look like it should, PLEASE help me out! I just started crocheting 2 months ago.



7 thoughts on “My First Large-ish Crochet Project

    • Thanks! It took me about 6 hours to do over 2 days. I had problems with the end which is why I left it short. Still trying to understand crochet directions. The stitch diagrams were a lot of help. Any tips or pointers?


      • If I were to do the edging as indicated in the pattern I’d probably make the solid part of the shawl about half as long as you did for your little girl, and then start the edging. Or did you mean specifics on how to do the edging itself?


      • In general, really. My stitches do not look the same as everyone else. They are loose and I was wondering how to make them tighter to look like what is in the book that I have. I started crocheting 2 months ago when my husband’s grandmother gave me some yarn and hooks.


      • Well, for a newbie who just started crocheting I think you’re doing incredibly well! Don’t be too hard on yourself. šŸ™‚ Every crocheter has a different tension when they crochet, so don’t worry too much about things being “exactly the same as” what someone else made. I think if you keep practicing you will see that things improve with time. I learned as a child, but didn’t start again until I was an adult so I am also learning every time that I crochet. Just keep at it.


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