No clue….

Today was supposed to be a day of direction and purpose and now that it is almost noon, I don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t like not wanting to do anything but some days are just like that. These are the days that I wish that I was working again. I miss being able to go to work and accomplished and knowing that I have done the best that I could for that day. Yes, I would be tired and possibly exhausted but I would be satisfied and get some respect around here. I guess being a wife and mother calls me to be a full-time maid behind a grown man as if I was his mother. I get tired of it all…the sweet nothings, the empty promises…

As much as I just want to hide in a hole, I can’t. I have to be strong for my kids and show them what it means to have and be a strong woman. How to handle each situation with the right attitude and with God on your side. Even when it gets rough, like times as these, they know how to behave. Even though they are still young (3 and 2), they are still impressionable and soak up everything that they see. It gets hard at times because there are some things that we do not realize we do until one of our kids repeat it or they are out in public. Some people do not care what their children are not raised with the proper manners, but I do. I want my kids to learn how to say please and thank you, learn to speak when spoken to (when it comes to conversing with adults), learn how to properly socialize with other children, know how to respect their elders, not talk to strangers, and the list goes on. All of this takes time and effort but it is not for me alone to instill these attributes into my children. It is a joint effort…something that I am teaching my husband. You may say, why must I do this? Well let’s keep it as this…he didn’t have the best childhood and he lacks in a lot of things. It’s frustrating. It’s part of the reason why I started this blog.

Tired of all the nonsense. For those of you that pray, keep me in yours. I need all the help that I can get!

God Bless!


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