Sorry for the lack of a title but my heart is in a bit of pain today. Last night while looking through my news feed on facebook, I noticed a video that made me sick to my stomach. There were two individuals in this clip, a naked man and a naked little girl. I did not watch this video nor share it but I did inform the one who was sharing it (in hopes to find out who this girl is) that sharing something like this is not the thing to do. It is the same as watching it. I let her know that she was to delete it and report it.

I spoke to another friend of mine about the same issue and he said that if I ever see something like that again, to report it to the FBI Cyber Crime Division. They have the resources to do face recognition, find out the source of the video and catch who did it. They will also give you a link to share on social websites to help widen the search area. He said that he did this last year and they caught the Cali couple within 3 days of him reporting it.

I have 4 children, the youngest a girl. It breaks my heart that there are people out there that will do such evil and horrific things to children. I just want to hide in a hole with my family until Jesus comes back. But I can’t. Keeping my heart and mind aligned to the One who created this earth is the only thing that keeps me going. Since facebook went public, our privacy has gone out of the window.  It has allowed people to do whatever they please. They create pages to disseminate their garbage to the masses and then they are gone in the blink of an eye not caring about the fire they just started.

If you have any children who use the site, please monitor their habits. All it takes for some stranger to befriend them and they are lost. They may think you are infringing on their privacy, but you are the parent training the child in the manner that they should grow.

Train a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Children should not be exposed to what we, as adults, are exposed to. But with media today, they portray that it is cool for young girls to dress like sex-kittens. It’s ok for young girls to strut around sexily, it’s ok for young boys to have all the girls and treat them like slaves. The lists go on and on. TV is a killer and you don’t even realize it. The younger they are, the more impressionable they are. Why feed your child’s head with garbage when you can fill it with good morals and conviction? Teach them manners…how to open doors for others, not just the ladies; saying please and thank you; dressing appropriately and not having your pants sag around your knees. That is not fashion! That is jail-code for my butt is open for business! Speaking with eloquence and having a decent vocabulary is a thing of the past. It shouldn’t be! Parents be weary, even with your own social circle. It’s better to have good roots than to have a tree full of leaves and branches that shift in the wind.

Please keep an eye out for any videos like the one I mentioned and report it to the FBI. They are more than happy to help you catch these individuals. Educate your children as well so they know what to do.

God Bless!


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